KRGA – Magic Wand

[ AR014 ]
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Written, Recorded and Performed by KRGA.

Songs performed live to disc. No overdubs or edits occur on these recordings. Recorded in Summer 2007.

Ac is based on an idea I had of using simply the 60 Hz hum of electric guitar pickups as the sole source of audio in a composition. I probably recorded 10 different attempts at getting this track how I liked it. Forcing myself to record the whole song in one pass, I had to scrap numerous takes because of small mistakes, unintentional clipping, cell phones ringing and interfering with the pickups, etc.

Magic Wand is similar in concept to Ac, but uses a larger variety of sounds, as I used a Hitachi Magic Wand  to alternatively interface with the pickups and to touch the strings of the guitar. All this builds into a pretty menacing sounding wall of drone.
The sound processing is all done live with three Max/MSP patches of mine, namely the Magical Thirds Maschin,¬† the Clickslicer, and a simple three track looper, onto which the layers of sound are built up.”

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