Giant Expanding Pictures

Giant Expanding Pictures are accidents that have been doctored. Giant Expanding Pictures is a novelty motion picture format from the 1930s. Giant Expanding Pictures is a euphemism for childhood night terrors. Giant Expanding Pictures are captured clandestinely and rarely brought to light.

I think she likes it
Daisy was a little too skinny for my taste. She had a black bob that looked like a wig, but wasn’t. She was probably only 20 or so. You could tell from her eyes. They were bright and curious and young. Tasha was pushing 40. She smoked a lot of cigarettes and looked like a dive-bar waitress. You’d be surprised how much demand there is for “mature” peepshow ladies. I gave daisy the hand-held tape recorder. The screen went up and the guy watched through the glass as Tasha and Daisy went at it. Afterwards, Jeffrey the janitor mopped the floor. This is all that’s left.

twin bed
We shared a twin mattress in a closet that was just wide enough for it to fit. The walls held us in like a playpen.