Unicorns in the Snow

Unicorns in the Snow was first developed in Olympia, Washington when Julia’s other-creative-half and Muneca Chueca collaborator went abroad. The project started as a live one woman show of synthesizer and drum machines, accompanied by a stop-animation video of a lumpy headless figure in a 70’s jumpsuit, lurching around the apartment with ceramic unicorns…emptying out underwear drawers, reading the weekly world news.

Julia and the Unicorns moved back to Kansas City a year later to pursue a degree in music. After 2 days of music theory and 1 class in electronic music composition, she realized that formalized study in music would be torture. She started putting together a performance based on the lives of people she met at the South Sound Senior Center, slides from the family collection, her recorded stories of the elderly, synthesizers, drum machines, underwear from the senior boutique, gray ponytail extensions, cauliflower, a home-made pillowcase/pvc pipe unicorn, and a pony brush found in a field.

Performing twice in Kansas City, Julia then got a job as the activities assistant in a nursing home and took a one year siesta from performing due to an obsession with body building. when that phase finished she began performing again; this time a series of one-woman shows (one-act “plays” with pre-recorded sound). unicorns in the snow re-emerged in the form of the bedroom recordings that became “The Geriatric Pony Express.” She is currently working towards her masters in geriatric social work and recently performed a Muneca Chueca mini-opera “slice” based on the life and times of Denis and Denyse of LIME.