Planar Defecs

Grain boundaries occur where the crystallographic direction of the lattice abruptly changes. This commonly occurs when two crystals begin growing separately and then meet. Anti phase boundaries occur in ordered alloys: in this case, the crystallographic direction remains the same, each side of the boundary has an opposite phase. Stacking faults occur in a number of crystal structures, but the common example is in close packed structures.

planar defecs is the crystallization of over a decade of musical experimentation rooted in the old Scientist Recordings community and numerous associated projects and collaborations. It began in the mid/late-1990’s, with the creation of Scientist Recordings and several solo projects (ATAXIA, The Student, and the abortive The Kindly Ones and metacipher), numerous collaborations (The Second Coming with Captain Bizarlok, Mechamorphage with Adam Moth, Pants-o-Rama with Bizarre Charlie Alien (‘BCA’), Bio-mechanized Gun-unit with BCA and Ben L. Robertson, Brotherhood of Stench with BCA, Ty, and Shnon, and Bruzed with Shnon).

In 2003, Scientist Recordings was disbanded in order to dedicate resources to Planar Defecs. In early 2003, unfinished versions of what would later become Planar Defecs songs were performed live in Olympia, WA, at a show organized by Ben Robertson. The first official Planar Defecs show was at the Aphonia Recordings Launch Show on May 17, 2007 in Olympia, WA.

Planar Defecs has released two full albums. In December 2005, the first album The Branks was released (now reissued with Aphonia Recordings). May 2006 saw the release of the second album Chrysalis (also now reissued with Aphonia Recordings). A new album Eos Ichor is forthcoming from Aphonia Recordings. Planar Defecs has also remixed some of its songs, some of which will appear on forthcoming compilations. Also, Planar Defecs will be contributing to the soundtrack of High-Powered Mutant, a feature film about BCA.