Mirror Mirror

All Mirror Mirror songs are recorded at home in Olympia, Washington by Jason Campbell. The approach is about solid and melodic songs, the sound is about creating a soundtrack for the night, with Psychedelic, Post-Punk, and Dramatic themes. Mirror Mirror has been influenced by everything from Ennio Morricone to 60’s Psychedelia to The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Campbell has been a steady musical presence in both Olympia and Spokane, Washington. He has played with the bands Mynx, Fairfax, Airshow and The Nerve among others. Active for many years, Campbell joins the Aphonia Recordings cohort with a series of digital singles, previews available on Mirror Mirror’s Bandcamp website.

Spokane, Washington’s The Inlander recently described Mirror Mirror thus:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the strangest of them all? The answer is probably the Olympia three-piece MIRROR MIRROR. Jason Campbell (his name may ring a bell in Spokane music circles), Ben Robertson and Kelly Michael Fox create the band’s electronic, shoegaze, psychedelic sound. The band recently signed with Seattle’s Aphonia Recordings, but they just moved to Spokane. Their dissonant (yet somehow melodic) material attempts to “create a soundtrack for the night” and in doing so sounds like malfunctioning machines clashing against one another, layered underneath blurred, almost dark, wave vocals. Each track might sound like industrial chaos were it not for the steadfast, singular guitar rhythms that hold it all together. This isn’t exactly the music that transfers well to a live audience – headphones pick up the strange and sublet nuisances much better – but it’ll be loud, noisy and definitely worth your while.