Marlo Eggplant

Marlo Eggplant was born in Baltimore, MD. She was originally trained in voice, classical guitar, piano, and cello. She began her musical career favoring folk and punk by playing local venues as a teen. When she attended college in the Berkshires, she became more interested in avant garde and bizarre musics.

In 2003, she co-founded Spleencoffin records with Timothy Wisniewski. She was the drummer in the short lived improvisational deconstructed noise rock band, Hazardous Guadalupe. In 2008, she curated “Ladyz in Noyz” and continues to showcase women in experimental/noise music in an annual series on her label, Corpus Callosum Distro.

Using a minimal set up which includes an autoharp and few effects, Marlo Eggplant enjoys using sparsely structured notes and layered static textures in a improvised drone style.