Andrew Senna

Andrew Senna is a native to the Northwestern United States and has lived in most of its major cities. From the age of 12, Senna has continually been writing, recording and performing music.

Influenced by old time country and western, folk, jazz, new wave and experimental forms have made his releases on Aphonia Recordings varied and somewhat strange.

Senna has recorded and performed using various acoustic instruments including guitar, mandolin, violin, harmonica, keyboards, electric bass and drums.

Also a sound designer and composer for film and theater. You can listen to and watch his varied projects at his professional website You can also view his Myspace page with a revolving set of often unreleased or yet to be released material on his jukebox at

Andrew Senna is also the co-founder, with Ben L. Robertson of Aphonia Recordings. Close friends for many years, the duo started their venture into independent music distribution in late 2006. They are currently working on a release for their Max/MSP interactive performance project entitled The Precambrian.