We are electroacoustic circuit benders, algorhithmic composers, improvisational free form noise artists, microtonalists, and bizarre pop aficionados. We prefer genres that describe what artists do rather than what they sound like.

Longtime friends and collaborators/conspirators Ben L. Robertson and Andrew Senna founded Aphonia in the winter of 2006. With the premise that so many of their brilliantly musical friends had no common place to share or otherwise promote their noise experiments and oddball music, Ben and Andrew set out to create a website that allowed you to download music directly.

The roster of artists has gone from a mere 5 or 6 back in the early days is now well past 20 and growing quickly. Aphonia now expects most of its releases to be available online, as CD via mail order and even on regional independent record store shelves. Aphonia Recordings artists and showcases have been reviewed on Foxy Digitalis, Textura, XLR8TR, The Wire, among others.

Online Stuff

You can follow, friend or listen on Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp, Twitter, Soundcloud or you can just buy our stuff on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic.

Demo Policy
In theory, we do not accept unsolicited demos. However, if we have time to listen to something we will. Just don’t expect a speedy response or any response at all.


For questions regarding orders, shipping, “where’s my stuff” type inquiries, etc.
store [at] aphoniarecordings [dot] com

For press, bookings, media, etc.
info [at] aphoniarecordings [dot] com

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