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Slim Twig Video!

To honor Slim Twig’s latest release, “White Fantasee” we are reposting a video that if you haven’t seen it, you should. Enjoy!


Shows: December 2007

Dec 02 2007 6:00P Amy Denio @ Sala Vittoria Colonna (Vasto, italy)

Dec 03 2007 8:00P Acre @ Mass Art (Boston, MA)

Dec 03 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Clandestino (Faenza, italy)

Dec 04 2007 8:00P Acre @ Strange Maine (Portland, Maine)

Dec 04 2007 8:00P Slim Twig (CD release) @ The Tiger Bar (Toronto, ON)

Dec 04 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Atomic Bar (Milano, italy)

Dec 05 2007 8:00P Acre @ Grasslands (Brooklyn, NY)

Dec 06 2007 8:00P Acre @ 611 Florida House (Washington DC)

Dec 06 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Buridda (Genova, italy)

Dec 07 2007 8:00P Acre @ The Res Pareds Place (Philadelphia, PA)

Dec 07 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Black House Blues (Avellino, italy)

Dec 08 2007 8:00P Derek M. Johnson @ Artisan Cafe (Olympia, WA)

Dec 08 2007 8:00P Darwinsbitch @ Godwaffle Noise Pancakes Artsf (SF, CA)

Dec 08 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Init (Rome, Italy)

Dec 09 2007 8:00P Acre @ Caustic Castle (Richmond, VA)

Dec 10 2007 8:00P Amy Denio/Rizzo Duo @ Arcisonica (Lucera, italy)

Dec 11 2007 8:00P Acre @ Eyedrum (Atlanta, GA)

Dec 11 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Sister Moon (Potenza, italy)

Dec 12 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Villanova (Taranto, italy)

Dec 13 2007 8:00P Acre @ Churchills (Miami, FL)

Dec 13 2007 8:00P Aphonia Rec. Artists @ Object Space (Spokane, WA)

Dec 14 2007 8:00P Acre @ Tim + Terrys (Gainesville, FL)

Dec 15 2007 8:00P Acre @ Ren/Vals House (Nashville, TN)

Dec 18 2007 8:00P Acre @ HI HO Lounge (New Orleans, LA)

Dec 19 2007 8:00P Acre @ Super Happy Funland (Houston, TX)

Dec 20 2007 8:00P Acre @ House of Tinnitus (Denton, TX)

Dec 21 2007 8:00P Acre @ Soundpony (Tulsa, OK)

Dec 22 2007 8:00P Acre @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO)

Dec 22 2007 8:00P KRGA @ The Swamp House (Greenlake/Seattle, WA)

Dec 27 2007 8:00P Acre @ High Mayhem (Santa Fe, NM)

Dec 28 2007 8:00P Acre @ The Peace and Justice Center (Albuquerque, NM)


Slim Twig: Making Headlines

Aphonia Recordings artist Slim Twig is going to be releasing another EP with Aphonia Recordings soon. It is rumored the EP will be entitled “White Fantasee.” As always we can’t wait to hear what is next for Slim. His music has been recently reviewed by Exclaim and Eye Weekly in Canada.

You can read these reviews here:

Exclaim review

Eye Weekly review


Slim Twig @ Pop Montreal Festival

Aphonia Recordings artist Slim tTig will be performing on October 4th & 5th at the POP Montreal festival.

Slim Twig is a Toronto based performer and songsculptor. Not yet 20, Slim has pursued his truly singular artistic vision since 2003. He has created more than two albums worth of material and performed in a score of clubs, including opening for such acts as Xiu-Xiu, the Dirty Projectors and the legendary Rheostatics. Slim has composed music for film, video and theatre and earned producer/ engineer Dale Morningstar’s informal “best recording of ’06” at the renowned Gas Station recording studio. Slim has numerous projects and events upcoming, including performances with his two-piece art punk band, Tropics, a collaboration with the Oscar nominated director, Hubert Sauper, and the release of Bruce MacDonald’s film, The Tracey Fragments, featuring a performance by Slim as ‘Billy Zero’. But it is as a songwriter that Slim will primarily be known. From 2005’s haunting cycle of apocalyptic folk, Livestock Burn, to the art pop experimentation of the Dissonant Folk sessions, and now in his concrete rockabilly phase, Slim Twig has demonstrated a remarkable sonic evolution. Inspired by pillars of the music & film avant garde like Scott Walker, Eno, Nick Cave, Thurston Moore, Godard, Lynch and Cronenberg, Slim’s restless, incisive intelligence is testament to a unique and utterly compelling musical imagination.


Shows: October 2007

Oct 4 – Slim Twig @ Sala Rossa (POP Montreal festival) [Montreal, Quebec]

Oct 5 – Slim Twig @ Le Divan Orange (POP Montreal festival) [Montreal,

Oct 5 – Triometrik @ Johansson Projects Gallery [Oakland, CA]

Oct 6 – Darwinsbitch @ The Riptide [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 6 – The Tiptons @ Orcas Island Performing Arts Center [Orcas Island, WA]

Oct 9 – Slim Twig @ The Dakota Tavern [Toronto, ON]

Oct 10 – Darwinsbitch @ ATA [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 10 – The Tiptons @ Art House [Olympia, WA]

Oct 11 – Tropics @ No Shame (Tiger Bar) [Toronto, ON]

Oct 12 – The Tiptons @ Reed College [Portland, OR]

Oct 13 – The Tiptons @ Cozmic Pizza [Eugene, OR]

Oct 16 – The Tiptons @ Boom Boom Boom [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 17 – The Tiptons @ Ashkenaz [Berkeley, CA]

Oct 18 – Marielle Jakobsons @ Noh Space (Chain Reaction) [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 19 – Marielle Jakobsons @ Noh Space (Chain Reaction) [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 20 – Marielle Jakobsons @ Noh Space (Chain Reaction) [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 21 – The Tiptons @ Tractor Tavern [Seattle, WA]

Oct 26 – Amy Denio, KRGA, Derek Johnson, Myello, Ben L. Robertson, Andrew Senna @ Gallery 1412 [Seattle, WA]


Shows: September 2007

09/05/2007 – Amy Denio (Hells Bellows & Charleyville) @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre [seattle, wa]

09/06/2007 – Slim Twig (w/ Deep Dark United) @ The Tranzac [Toronto, ON]

09/14/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Thollem MC Donnas) @ The Artisan’s Cafe [Olympia, WA]

09/14/2007 – Darwinsbitch @ Milk Bar (studio 223) [Oakland, CA]

09/21/2007 – The Tiptons (w/ Amy Denio) @ start of Tiptons Sax Quartet Euro tour! [Viersen, Germany]

09/22/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ The Dead Air Fresheners & L.A. Lungs) @ Rererato [Portland, OR]

09/23/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Arrington de Dionyso) @ Way Post [Portland, OR]

09/23/2007 – The Tiptons @ KSET Zagreb [Zagreb, Croatia]

09/24/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Blipvert, Dusty York Trio) @ Rotture [Portland, OR]

09/25/2007 – The Tiptons @ JAZZ:IT [Salzburg, Austria]

09/26/2007 – Tropics (w/ Jewish Legend) @ The Tranzac [Toronto, ON]

09/26/2007 – The Tiptons @ Tetelkova [Ljubljana, Slovenia]

09/26/2007 – Darwinsbitch + P. Greenlief @ 1510 Performance Space [Oakland, CA]

09/27/2007 – The Tiptons @ Miles Smiles [Vienna, Austria]

09/28/2007 – The Tiptons @ KIK [Reid, Austria]

09/29/2007 – KRGA (w/ Bronze Fawn) @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre [Seattle, WA]

09/29/2007 – The Tiptons @ Stellwerk [Hamburg, Germany]

09/30/2007 – The Tiptons @ SS Stubnitz [Amsterdam, Netherlands]


Aphonia Store Site is Live!!!

Aphonia Recordings is proud to announce that our online store is now functional and ready to dole out the experimental jams to the insatiable public.

Although we have privacy policies and terms and conditions of use of the site we haven’t connected them to the infrastructure of the site. Until that happens you can read these legal mumbo jumbo documents at the following links:

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Statement

Of course none of this is required reading and sure enough it is really only interesting if you care about what we actually do with info that we collect from you, our adoring fans.

And please, we would love to hear from you! Write reviews! Post bulletins on Myspace! Tell everyone you know who is into experimental and weirdo pop music.

There will be continual and minor changes to the look of the site and we apologize in advance if this causes delays and pages not loading.

Also, we swear we will have interviews with our artists coming soon. Look for interviews with KRGA and Slim Twig. In the meantime, buy our stuff, and keep your eyes peeled for the merch that will be coming to the store soon.

All the best,
Aphonia Recordings Web Team

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