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Pics From Evon’s Debut Show on Jan. 25th

On January 25th,  Aphonia Recordings artists Evon played at El Rio in San Francisco.  A belated release party show for the band,  we welcome you to check out some choice photos from the event as well as listen to the release. We recommend you view the pictures below as a slideshow (the page will reload) while using the player. It’s almost like you were there! OK, not really. So the next time they play, get your ass off the couch and see them. Check the Aphonia Recordings website regularly for show dates.

Evon is an amazing group of 6 stupendously talented musicians lead by Agnes Szelag from Oakland, CA. Enjoy!

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Release Party & Show in San Francisco for Evon

San Francisco, CA –

On January 25th recent Aphonia Recordings artists Evon will be playing at El Rio in SF.  This is a very special show since it is a very belated CD Release show for The Bees Are Coming which Aphonia Recordings released in Autumn 2010.

Evon is an amazing group of 6 stupendously talented musicians lead by Agnes Szelag and this is their first show and it is a very early show – 7PM! Evon will go on at 8PM.

Audrey Howard’s band Steel Hotcakes will be opening and Eli’s Band will be headlining. For those of you who are used to Agnes Szelag as an experimental artist – this project is rocky and melodic. (See reviews from KFJC 89.7 FM in Los Altos, CA and Textura)

So come one, come all, bring friends!

Go to Evon’s release page for The Bees Are Coming:

Evon - The Bees Are Coming


Travis Johns, Derek M. Johnson & New Red Sun (Aphonia Recordings

It has been an interesting year and as we look towards cooler days and longer nights I would like to direct you to enjoy some aural treats at the next Aphonia Recordings Showcase on November 6th. We are on home turf again at Gallery 1412 in Seattle’s central district. For more info on Gallery 1412 click here.

This time around we have some old friends as well as visiting new friends. Most of you will recognize experimental cellist Derek M. Johnson, an Aphonia stalwart, having played at more of our showcases than nearly any other of our artists. Mr. Johnson wears many hats, so were never quite sure what he’ll be up to. Whether it is his abstract slides electric cello accompaniment, or all acoustic pure improv, Johnson never disappoints. Also, audio manipulator-artist-extraordinaire Pearson Wallace-Hoyt and eclectic violinist Jackie An – both veteran performers to our showcases are reincarnated in the newly formed New Red Sun:

Seattle-based drone group New Red Sun weave delicate melodies into densely shifting tapestries, from violin, guitar, field recordings and feedback. Drawing on a diverse palette, NRS includes elements of folks, drone, metal & noise. NRS has been fortunate to share the stage with artist like Barn Owl, Bill Horist, Novemthree, Elm, honey.moon.tree, Dr. Jones, Thunder Grey Pilgrim, Vivimancer, Higuma, Violet, Groves, I Died, Hobby Knife, Shurpa, Tempered Steel, Cult of Zir, Sleeping with the Earth, Prion, Dementia & Split Horizon. NRS self-released their debut EP “Riding the Slow Wave of Death” in October ’09 in support of their fall West Coast tour and are currently working with Albuquerque’s Feather Spines label on a more extended follow-up.

More about Travis Johns:

Travis Johns is a composer and sound artist from San Francisco, Ca. Using a combination of processed field recordings, sine wave oscillators and analog electronics, he attempts to weave textural gestures, thoughts and experiences into a singular mass of infinite sonic possibilities. Most recently, his work has concerned itself primarily with two notions – namely that of the desolation and excess of human industry, as well as the mysteries and intrigue of the subconscious mind, often sounding something like the distant swarming of well oiled mechanical bees woven with fissures of dark tones and noise rips.

Come out and support these artists at Gallery 1412 in the CD on Friday November 6th. The doors will open at 8PM.