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Upcoming Releases: Mangled Bohemians CD, Derek M. Johnson LP, Phantom of the Opera DVD and a New Compilation!

The first few months of 2011 are going to be exciting for experimental music! We are indoctrinating many new artists and new media into our release schedule, including our first vinyl release and our first DVD/Film release. New to the fold are Rachel Carns, known primarily as an amazing musician, pioneering the Queercore movement in the Western U.S. She is also a graphic designer extraordinaire and post modern Renaissance woman. Derek M. Johnson will also be offering his first ever full length release. Although no stranger to the Aphonia universe by virtue of being the artist most frequently appearing at Aphonia Showcases and sponsored events, Johnson here will offer a full length record for the first time. More on all of this later.

First up, as has been recently announced, is Mangled Bohemians new album At the Edge of Earth currently available for pre-order here. This new venture from James Lee of Portland is a swirling mass of psychedelia, meandering ambient soundscapes and as has been featured as of late in Mangled’s live shows, vocals from Lee.

Also on the way is a brand new series of tracks from Olympia, Washington’s Derek M. Johnson. Mr. Johnson has been cultivating a live performance consisting of hand treated slide mounted film, projected via slide projectors against a melange of acoustic solo cello, looped and destroyed tones, all emanating from Johnson’s cello and massive array of effect pedals. Though Johnson’s live show is abstract and often dark in tone, his new LP (release date forthcoming) is subtly beautiful, timeless and varied. It’s themes cover emotional extremes: beauty, anger, melancholy and rain. It should prove to be a truly exciting release as it will be the first ever vinyl release from Aphonia Recordings. There will a limited first run and we will announce a pre-order sale in the near future.

In addition, is an ensemble piece for the 1925 silent film The Phantom of the Opera. Back in December of 2008 Aphonia Recordings hosted a showcase featuring the ensemble (Rachel Carns, Heather Hall, Daniel Buscher and Derek M. Johnson) at the Gallery 1412 collective in Seattle, Washington’s Central District. The resulting recording and performance was so remarkable that we soon decided to create a DVD release of this live performance. The release has been somewhat delayed but we are now set to release it in the next couple of months. The packaging will include cover and insert designs from Rachel Carns and will be hand assembled by the crack Aphonia Releases & Promotions Lab Team. You can listen to our original podcast previewing the show here – it features portions of the debut performance at the Olympia Film Festival.

Original Show Poster designed by Rachel Carns

And last but not least we will be releasing a sampler compilation that will feature new/unsigned aritsts as well as Aphonia stalwarts Paintings For Animals, KRGA, Desolation Wilderness, Darwinsbitch and much, much more! In fact, it will be so crazy good that you will probably want to buy one for your mom as well.


Happy New Year!

Welcome to the New Year! We have slowly but surely made the transition to our new servers and if all went well, most of you didn’t even notice. With most of the speed issues hopefully conquered our website should prove to be faster and more reliable than before. Thank you for your patience with our growing pains.

We are preparing for our second year of showcase events. In the last year, Aphonia Recordings has hosted more than 20 performances. That’s like one every other week! Most of our performances go down at the Gallery 1412 near the corner of 18th and Union in Seattle’s Central District.

Many things are on the horizon for us in the near future. We are working on our second compilation, which will find new release as a physical CD and as a download available all over the world. We will also be releasing “The Phantom of the Opera, A Live Soundtrack” by Rachel Carns, Derek M Johnson, Daniel Buscher and Heather Hall. In addition, we are looking at further releases in the coming year. For the time being though, it will be a quiet couple of months.

While we are assembling our biggest distribution ever for the 2009 Compilation, don’t forget to listen to our podcast. You can visit our website listen to our podcasts. Or if you would like to take it with you subscribe on iTunes and download it for free! Our podcast is a semi-regular event that details the work of our artists, including interviews, live shows and explorations on the many phenomena of sound and music. While we would love to have one every day or week even, stay tuned as there will be more intriguing subjects covered.

Thank you to all our artists fans who made 2008 an encouraging year for experimental music. Indeed, we are excited about the New Year and hope that we can top ourselves once again.


What You Missed…

The blog Illusory Confections thinks our Phantom of the Opera show last night was beyond reproach. This blogger refers to last Friday’s rendition of a live score to The Phantom of the Opera. Click here.

We can’t say how much we appreciated the great turnout and generous donations. And also, we can’t thank Daniel Buscher, Rachel Carns, Heather Hall and Derek M. Johnson enough for their truly brilliant performance to this silent film classic.

Update: Pictures from this special event as well as a live release of the show will become available soon. Stay tuned!


Guess what? Even The Stranger Suggests…

phantomflyer…going to tonight’s The Phantom of the Opera live score performed at the Gallery 1412 by Rachel Carns, Derek M Johnson, Heather Hall and Daniel Buscher.

And if that weren’t enough anticipatory fodder go here for a Holiday Podcast Special featuring Andrew Senna recalling his childhood experience with the film as well as examination of how truly egregious Andrew Lloyd Webber’s take is on the tragedy.

Aphonia Recordings will be releasing excerpts from this unique ensemble’s live performance from the 25th Annual Olympia Film Festival. This will be last time that these truly talented individuals will be able to perform together – so come and see something truly special!


Podcast Holiday Special – Phantom of the Opera

Podcast – Phantom of the Opera Special!

Click Play button to listen to this special event – excerpts which were recorded at the 25th Annual Olympia Film Festival by Rachel Carns, Daniel Buscher, Derek M. Johnson and Heather Hall. This coming Friday at the Gallery 1412 in Seattle, WA at 8PM, this crack ensemble of improvisers will take on, for the last time, the live score to this 1929 silent film classic.


What Is Happening December 12th?

Have you ever heard of The Phantom of the Opera? Sure there is book version, a musical, but I don’t think anyone will soon forget the sheer visceral mystery of the original black and white film released in 1929 and shot in 1925 – prior to the dawn of synchronous sound as well as color. Though technology would catch up with the film – many technicolor reprints and attempts at adding a soundtrack later – nothing compares to the original.

When I was a small child, around the age of 8 or 9, my dad took me to a large cathedral to watch the film. The cathedral was St. John’s in Spokane, WA. Anyone of you out there who may be familiar with this structure, know that this neo-gothic cathedral is not only large but dominates the South Hill’s landscape. One night, probably in December, I sat in that dark church and nearly fell asleep while title cards and soothing organ music bored my 8 or 9 year old brain. Then, at the unmasking, I shot up in my seat and was utterly terrified. To such a degree that I seem to recall not long after that begging to go home. I would not sleep that night.

Since then, every “horror” film that I have screened has always met with a certain comparison to this original experience. They never live up to that cherry horror, however, a very special event is around the corner that I hope will rekindle that spirit and is really something you should not miss. Derek M. Johnson as well as members from the queercore powerhouse The Need will be performing a live score to the original Phantom of the Opera on December 12th at the Gallery 1412. This performance is a special event and so we are hoping that it’s results will be special. So we ask you to come out and support these fine artists and bring your friends and family members for what will be an intimate, dark and mysterious re-living of all your terrified nights, spent sleepless when only exhaustion could put you to rest. Really, it will be awesome.

As the show nears we will be releasing more detail and either way – mark your calendars – it will be a night not to be missed.

Gallery 1412
18th and Union
Central District
Seattle, WA

Stay Tuned for more details.


Check Out All Our New Releases

We have been busy lately. All of these releases have come out in the last two months or so. We are expecting a few more, including Nucular Aminals self titled debut on the label as well as well Mangled Bohemians’ Degeneration. Also in the works is a special limited release with Derek M. Johnson and Rachel Carns of The Need performing a live improvised score to the silent film classic, The Phantom of the Opera. Stay tuned for these exciting releases… and also if you would like to catch up with The Need and Mr. Johnson, they will be playing a special one time only concert Friday December 12th at Gallery 1412 – make sure to catch them! More on this later!

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