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Nucular Aminals to Play Folklife Festival

Every Memorial Day Weekend Seattle hosts the Northwest Folklife Festival. I have attended many times over the years as it tends to bring some interesting acts that otherwise you may not see anywhere else. Like every music festival, this one will no doubt be replete with weirdos, side show acts, buskers, pot heads and bums. Basically everyone who might go to Bumbershoot as well if weren’t so expensive. Folklife is free and it draws the Burning Man rejects, the touring bands, firebreathers and, of course, tons of food vendors. I have been to Folklife when it the food was primarily the first and foremost draw on my mind. Anymore, however, I stay away from huge crowds and overstuffed festival bills. The connection to the music gets lost sometimes in the comingling grill and pot smoke. However:

I was pleased to find out that this year, our own Nucular Aminals has a slot at the Indie Roots Center Square Stage on Saturday, May 28th, 8:30PM. Though in recent years I have only seen them perform in tiny little spots – and poorly, if at all, lit and not up on a stage but at ground level, with the audience itself. This performance no doubt vaults them high above the audience. They will be louder than I probably have ever heard them play. This is one show, among many others during Folklife, (the Hail Seizures comes to mind) worth seeing and you should go!


Marriage + Cancer Now Available on iTunes!

Robert Cometz and Erin Schmith (Nucular Aminals) have been with us since the beginning. They played as Marriage + Cancer at our launch show way back in May of 2007. Their self titled release was our second [AR002CD] and it seems only fitting that while nearing our 5th anniversary to finally get this brilliant and often overlooked gem of theirs onto iTunes, Rhapsody and others. Of course, this release has been available for download and on CD since our online store opened in 2007.

Since 2007, Cometz and Schmith have moved on to form Nucular Aminals with Jheremy Grigsby and Wiley Hickson. Currently, they are working on their first full length record with K Records, recording most of it at Dub Narcotic in Olympia, Washington. We hope that you listen and enjoy this truly singular talent from not only great friends but also great people. Truly a classic record.

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K Records Announces Nucular Aminals Release!

Visit the K Records blog to read about the upcoming Nucular Aminals release in June 2011! We are super happy for our longtime collaborators and pals. Go mutants! Click below to listen to some of their current releases here on Aphonia Recordings:


1st Aphonia Recordings Comp Now Available Online!

For the first time we are releasing the first ever Aphonia Recordings compilation. Originally only available on CD it now is available on the our website at less than $5!!! Artists on the compilation include Darwinsbitch, KRGA, Marriage + Cancer and special compilation only track by Aphonia Recordings co-founder Ben L. Robertson.


Buy Now / $4.99


Nucular Aminals Self-Titled Debut on Aphonia Recordings

Everyone, please take a tour around the ole Aphonia Recordings website and check out our old friends Nucular Aminals hitting the digital shelves with their debut release with our lovely, quickly expanding label.


Also, just as an aside to finally sealing the deal on this great release, sorry for the delay. Between getting permission for to use Daniel Johnston’s “Walking the Cow” to getting actually CDs ready – it has been busy around here! Enjoy!!!


2008 Performance Series: pt III + Compilation CD Release Party

We are pleased to announce the release of Aphonia Recordings’ first CD compilation! Copies will be available for sale at our next showcase (Friday, March 7th). The compilation will feature choice tracks from: Marriage + Cancer, Desolation Wilderness, Giant Expanding Pictures, KRGA, Daedelum, Andrew Senna, Unicorns in the Snow, Planar Defecs, Myello, Darwinsbitch, & Ben L. Robertson. Come out, support our artists, and buy the comp!

Desolation Wilderness is Nicolaas Zwart. This project has changed gradually in focus from the simpler, synthesizer heavy, beat driven songs of its first netlabel releases on AudioTong and Test Tube to a more processed distillation of ideas concerning song structure and electronic noise, as show by later work released on Benbecula, K Records, and Aphonia Recordings. Currently, Desolation Wilderness draws influence from grainy film soundtracks, ’50’s and ’60’s radio pop, and INA-GRM musique concrete. In performance, Desolation Wilderness has evolved from a solo laptop setup to its latest incarnation as a live ensemble.

Myello Electronics is the project of Olympia based composer Daniel Farrell. Many divergent influences have inspired myello to create music, which often hints at a wish toward dance, while being motivated by an interest in textures and awkward composition that somewhat undermines that aspiration. Farrell understands the compositional choices he makes to be informed and influenced by chance events, improvisation, societal pressures (the clutter of modernity), consumer electronics, credit cards, disposability, mercury, and plastic bags.

Founded by Adam Reza & Chris Hanis, ph0n0n creates soundtracks with elements of microtonality, chance processes and live improvisation. Aphonia Recordings recently welcomed Ph0n0n to the label and we are greatly anticipating their debut release.


Aphonia co-founder, Andrew Senna in blog interview

andrew-sennaAndrew Senna, Aphonia Recordings co-founder, gets interviewed by Vancouver Film School blog guru Jeff Morris.

Follow this link to read the interview and listen to the accompanying tracks by Marriage + Cancer, Desolation Wilderness and Darwinsbitch. Oooo… free downloads!

VFS Blog


Aphonia New Release Info

As some of you already know we had our launch show over a month ago. We are proud to announce the soon to be released “Launch 001” is on it’s way. This post also serves to inform everyone exactly how the live performances will be released. We had 9 acts perform and we will be releasing a “box set” style release with all artists’ performances represented. We will also be releasing each artists set separately as a live album… Soon to come in addition are free videos of the show that we will be uploading onto Myspace and maybe other places.

Also… coming soon are releases from Amy Denio, Derek Johnson and others. Marriage + Cancer is also working on a new project that will be released on vinyl! It will be Aphonia Recordings first vinyl release. We will keep you posted on that.

We are also in the process of signing some new acts. Stay tuned!