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New Release: KRGA – June


We are proud to announce the much anticipated release of KRGA’s ’June’. Following in the footsteps of his 2007 Aphonia Recording debut ’Magic Wand’, ’June’ showcases Kristian Garrard’s ability to marry complex processing algorithms with an intuitive approach to composition. We like it & we know you’ll like it too!

click here to preview tracks and/or purchase KRGA – June

….or you can pick up a copy at Wall of Sound in Seattle.


2008 Performance Series: pt III + Compilation CD Release Party

We are pleased to announce the release of Aphonia Recordings’ first CD compilation! Copies will be available for sale at our next showcase (Friday, March 7th). The compilation will feature choice tracks from: Marriage + Cancer, Desolation Wilderness, Giant Expanding Pictures, KRGA, Daedelum, Andrew Senna, Unicorns in the Snow, Planar Defecs, Myello, Darwinsbitch, & Ben L. Robertson. Come out, support our artists, and buy the comp!

Desolation Wilderness is Nicolaas Zwart. This project has changed gradually in focus from the simpler, synthesizer heavy, beat driven songs of its first netlabel releases on AudioTong and Test Tube to a more processed distillation of ideas concerning song structure and electronic noise, as show by later work released on Benbecula, K Records, and Aphonia Recordings. Currently, Desolation Wilderness draws influence from grainy film soundtracks, ’50’s and ’60’s radio pop, and INA-GRM musique concrete. In performance, Desolation Wilderness has evolved from a solo laptop setup to its latest incarnation as a live ensemble.

Myello Electronics is the project of Olympia based composer Daniel Farrell. Many divergent influences have inspired myello to create music, which often hints at a wish toward dance, while being motivated by an interest in textures and awkward composition that somewhat undermines that aspiration. Farrell understands the compositional choices he makes to be informed and influenced by chance events, improvisation, societal pressures (the clutter of modernity), consumer electronics, credit cards, disposability, mercury, and plastic bags.

Founded by Adam Reza & Chris Hanis, ph0n0n creates soundtracks with elements of microtonality, chance processes and live improvisation. Aphonia Recordings recently welcomed Ph0n0n to the label and we are greatly anticipating their debut release.


Shows: February 2008

Feb 01 – 8:00P – Aphonia Rec. Monthly sSries @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)

Feb 03 – 8:00P – Amy Denio + Thollem McDonas @ The Shed (Dublin, Ireland)

Feb 09 – 8:00P – Darwinsbitch @ Mills College (Oakland, CA)

Feb 14 – 8:00P – Unicorns in the Snow @ Fahrenheit Gallery (Kansas City, MO)

Feb 17 – 8:00P – KRGA @ Mr. Spot’s Chai House (Seattle, WA)

Feb 24 – 6:30P – Derek M. Johnson @ The Helm (Tacoma, WA)

Feb 28 – 8:00P – KRGA @ Rendezvous (wall of sound: 5th annual strings show) (Seattle, WA)


KRGA reviewed by KEXP 90.3 FM (Seattle)

Recently Aphonia Recordings artist, KRGA, was reviewed by Rachel LeBlanc of Seattle independent radio, KEXP 90.3 FM.

click here to view the article

KRGA’s Aphonia Recordings debut ep, “Magic Wand” is currently available through the Aphonia Recordings website. This two track drone cycle focuses on the sound of electrical interference, and the promotion of its sound as the foremost element of music. With instrumention including a 60hz ground-hum, software developed in Max/MSP, guitar strings, and a vibrator, who can resist checking out this recording???!!!!

Additionally, KRGA’s upcoming LP, “June”, will soon be made available on our site as a digital download & limited edition CD. Stay tuned!


2008 Performance Series: Part I (January 4th)

Every 1st Friday of the month, Aphonia Recordings will be holding a unique performance at Gallery 1412 (18th + Union. Seattle, Wa). In theory, each show will showcase a distinct theme that is common to each performer.

The first show in the series (Friday, January 4th. 8pm) will feature performances by KRGA and Ben L. Robertson. After the music, we will hold a lecture/workshop explaining various aspects of our work; specifically our mutual use of max/msp in the design of interactive synthesis environments.

We are extremely excited about this show, as well as the series as a whole. It should be alot of fun.

Look forward to seeing you there!



Shows: December 2007

Dec 02 2007 6:00P Amy Denio @ Sala Vittoria Colonna (Vasto, italy)

Dec 03 2007 8:00P Acre @ Mass Art (Boston, MA)

Dec 03 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Clandestino (Faenza, italy)

Dec 04 2007 8:00P Acre @ Strange Maine (Portland, Maine)

Dec 04 2007 8:00P Slim Twig (CD release) @ The Tiger Bar (Toronto, ON)

Dec 04 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Atomic Bar (Milano, italy)

Dec 05 2007 8:00P Acre @ Grasslands (Brooklyn, NY)

Dec 06 2007 8:00P Acre @ 611 Florida House (Washington DC)

Dec 06 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Buridda (Genova, italy)

Dec 07 2007 8:00P Acre @ The Res Pareds Place (Philadelphia, PA)

Dec 07 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Black House Blues (Avellino, italy)

Dec 08 2007 8:00P Derek M. Johnson @ Artisan Cafe (Olympia, WA)

Dec 08 2007 8:00P Darwinsbitch @ Godwaffle Noise Pancakes Artsf (SF, CA)

Dec 08 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Init (Rome, Italy)

Dec 09 2007 8:00P Acre @ Caustic Castle (Richmond, VA)

Dec 10 2007 8:00P Amy Denio/Rizzo Duo @ Arcisonica (Lucera, italy)

Dec 11 2007 8:00P Acre @ Eyedrum (Atlanta, GA)

Dec 11 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Sister Moon (Potenza, italy)

Dec 12 2007 8:00P Amy Denio @ Villanova (Taranto, italy)

Dec 13 2007 8:00P Acre @ Churchills (Miami, FL)

Dec 13 2007 8:00P Aphonia Rec. Artists @ Object Space (Spokane, WA)

Dec 14 2007 8:00P Acre @ Tim + Terrys (Gainesville, FL)

Dec 15 2007 8:00P Acre @ Ren/Vals House (Nashville, TN)

Dec 18 2007 8:00P Acre @ HI HO Lounge (New Orleans, LA)

Dec 19 2007 8:00P Acre @ Super Happy Funland (Houston, TX)

Dec 20 2007 8:00P Acre @ House of Tinnitus (Denton, TX)

Dec 21 2007 8:00P Acre @ Soundpony (Tulsa, OK)

Dec 22 2007 8:00P Acre @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO)

Dec 22 2007 8:00P KRGA @ The Swamp House (Greenlake/Seattle, WA)

Dec 27 2007 8:00P Acre @ High Mayhem (Santa Fe, NM)

Dec 28 2007 8:00P Acre @ The Peace and Justice Center (Albuquerque, NM)


Aphonia Showcase: Gallery 1412 (26 October – Seattle, WA)

Aphonia Recordings’ debut showcase in Seattle will feature a set of compositions
for voice & electronics by seasoned Seattle-based improviser &
multi-instrumentalist, Amy Denio. Also hailing from Seattle, Kristian Garrard (of
‘Joules’) will be performing an electroacoustic set as KRGA.

From the south-sound, Aphonia Recordings welcomes Derek M. Johnson and Myello.
Derek M. Johnson’s work for cello & electronics has been heard at numerous
experimental/improv festivals, including his active involvement with the Olympia
Experimental Music Festival. Derek’s past collaborations have included work with
Unwound, Old Time Relijun, Le Ton Mite, and many others. Likewise, Myello’s set
will demonstrate no shortage of LFO’s, VCF’s, and other acronymous controlled
voltage devices.

Rounding out the evening will be a performance by ‘the Precambrian’, a
collaborative project featuring label founders Andrew Senna & Ben L. Robertson.
Their performance promises to pair Andrew Senna’s work in narrative sound design with Ben L. Robertson’s obsession with microtonality & interactive
processing algorithms. Contact microphone mayhem & max/msp antics are sure to abound!

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Shows: October 2007

Oct 4 – Slim Twig @ Sala Rossa (POP Montreal festival) [Montreal, Quebec]

Oct 5 – Slim Twig @ Le Divan Orange (POP Montreal festival) [Montreal,

Oct 5 – Triometrik @ Johansson Projects Gallery [Oakland, CA]

Oct 6 – Darwinsbitch @ The Riptide [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 6 – The Tiptons @ Orcas Island Performing Arts Center [Orcas Island, WA]

Oct 9 – Slim Twig @ The Dakota Tavern [Toronto, ON]

Oct 10 – Darwinsbitch @ ATA [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 10 – The Tiptons @ Art House [Olympia, WA]

Oct 11 – Tropics @ No Shame (Tiger Bar) [Toronto, ON]

Oct 12 – The Tiptons @ Reed College [Portland, OR]

Oct 13 – The Tiptons @ Cozmic Pizza [Eugene, OR]

Oct 16 – The Tiptons @ Boom Boom Boom [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 17 – The Tiptons @ Ashkenaz [Berkeley, CA]

Oct 18 – Marielle Jakobsons @ Noh Space (Chain Reaction) [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 19 – Marielle Jakobsons @ Noh Space (Chain Reaction) [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 20 – Marielle Jakobsons @ Noh Space (Chain Reaction) [San Francisco, CA]

Oct 21 – The Tiptons @ Tractor Tavern [Seattle, WA]

Oct 26 – Amy Denio, KRGA, Derek Johnson, Myello, Ben L. Robertson, Andrew Senna @ Gallery 1412 [Seattle, WA]


Brand New Release: KRGA – ‘Magic Wand’

Aphonia Recordings is proud to announce the release of KRGA’s brand new mini album, ‘Magic Wand’.

KRGA’s first Aphonia Release, Magic Wand, is a two track drone cycle, focusing on the sound of electrical interference, and the promotion of its sound to be the foremost element of the music. The title track finds Kristian manipulating an electric guitar with a vibrator, both using it to excite the strings as well as to interfere with the pickups’ signal. The track slowly grows thicker and thicker, as the sound of the guitar is processed and layered in Max/MSP. The second track, “AC”, focuses on the ubiquitous 60 cycle hum of electrical instruments. An electric guitar is set on the floor, gain cranked up, to allow the hum to ring out. The buzz quickly gains weight as it layers on top of itself, deep rumblings come out from below, until finally dissolving into a simple chord, which becomes fractured and atonal as the song fades out. Both tracks on this mini-album were recorded direct as they were performed. No overdubs occur on these recordings.

click here to preview tracks and/or purchase this release


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Shows: September 2007

09/05/2007 – Amy Denio (Hells Bellows & Charleyville) @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre [seattle, wa]

09/06/2007 – Slim Twig (w/ Deep Dark United) @ The Tranzac [Toronto, ON]

09/14/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Thollem MC Donnas) @ The Artisan’s Cafe [Olympia, WA]

09/14/2007 – Darwinsbitch @ Milk Bar (studio 223) [Oakland, CA]

09/21/2007 – The Tiptons (w/ Amy Denio) @ start of Tiptons Sax Quartet Euro tour! [Viersen, Germany]

09/22/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ The Dead Air Fresheners & L.A. Lungs) @ Rererato [Portland, OR]

09/23/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Arrington de Dionyso) @ Way Post [Portland, OR]

09/23/2007 – The Tiptons @ KSET Zagreb [Zagreb, Croatia]

09/24/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Blipvert, Dusty York Trio) @ Rotture [Portland, OR]

09/25/2007 – The Tiptons @ JAZZ:IT [Salzburg, Austria]

09/26/2007 – Tropics (w/ Jewish Legend) @ The Tranzac [Toronto, ON]

09/26/2007 – The Tiptons @ Tetelkova [Ljubljana, Slovenia]

09/26/2007 – Darwinsbitch + P. Greenlief @ 1510 Performance Space [Oakland, CA]

09/27/2007 – The Tiptons @ Miles Smiles [Vienna, Austria]

09/28/2007 – The Tiptons @ KIK [Reid, Austria]

09/29/2007 – KRGA (w/ Bronze Fawn) @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre [Seattle, WA]

09/29/2007 – The Tiptons @ Stellwerk [Hamburg, Germany]

09/30/2007 – The Tiptons @ SS Stubnitz [Amsterdam, Netherlands]