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Marriage + Cancer Now Available on iTunes!

Robert Cometz and Erin Schmith (Nucular Aminals) have been with us since the beginning. They played as Marriage + Cancer at our launch show way back in May of 2007. Their self titled release was our second [AR002CD] and it seems only fitting that while nearing our 5th anniversary to finally get this brilliant and often overlooked gem of theirs onto iTunes, Rhapsody and others. Of course, this release has been available for download and on CD since our online store opened in 2007.

Since 2007, Cometz and Schmith have moved on to form Nucular Aminals with Jheremy Grigsby and Wiley Hickson. Currently, they are working on their first full length record with K Records, recording most of it at Dub Narcotic in Olympia, Washington. We hope that you listen and enjoy this truly singular talent from not only great friends but also great people. Truly a classic record.

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K Records Announces Nucular Aminals Release!

Visit the K Records blog to read about the upcoming Nucular Aminals release in June 2011! We are super happy for our longtime collaborators and pals. Go mutants! Click below to listen to some of their current releases here on Aphonia Recordings:


Nucular Aminals Self-Titled Debut on Aphonia Recordings

Everyone, please take a tour around the ole Aphonia Recordings website and check out our old friends Nucular Aminals hitting the digital shelves with their debut release with our lovely, quickly expanding label.


Also, just as an aside to finally sealing the deal on this great release, sorry for the delay. Between getting permission for to use Daniel Johnston’s “Walking the Cow” to getting actually CDs ready – it has been busy around here! Enjoy!!!


We Love Desolation Wilderness!

Desolation Wilderness gets around! Beginning as a solo outfit, they are now touring the United States and getting some attention. We always like to see our friends make it big, and no better way to signify that then their recent review in Spin Magazine! Visit K Records website or our website to check out their releases and stay tuned. Also, you check our Myspace page to see if they are playing near you, wherever you are.