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Shows: June 2008


Aphonia Recordings 2008 Performance Series #6:
Friday, June 6th
Gallery 1412 (1412 18th ave – Seattle)
$5-15 suggested donation

-Paintings for Animals
-Penny & Her Lowercase Kindred (Olympia/Reno)
-The Precambrian


Heavy drones, overtone melodies, and the sound of the land – Paintings for Animals performs with field recordings, bowed metals, mixer feedback, throat singing, vocal blips, clicks and the buzz of electronics. Started 2001, in Seattle by Pearson Wallace-Hoyt, the project is maintained to provide a platform for the proliferation of spiritually charged noise and a revival of ritualized sound. With members dispersing to Bali, Kolozberg, New York and San Francisco, Paintings continues to craft a truly Cascadian music of chants, esoterica and the sounds of urban & natural environments.



Penny and Her Lower Case Kindred is a medley of shadow puppets, an adjustable stage, a variety of keyboards and organs, a synth, a loop station, a head mic, vacuums, strobe lights, fake blood, real blood, some drums,internal dialogue exposed… Unicorn: “We began hosting on-stage forums a couple of years ago once we realized that it was unfair to monopolize Penny’s brain.” Cher: “I wouldn’t really call it a forum…more like the sound of 15 minute recesses from the other side of the chain-link fence. Lots of piercing noises and academic purging.”



Aphonia Recordings’ founders, Ben L. Robertson & Andrew Senna, team up to explore the spectral transfiguration of minute sounds & vocalizations. In concept, The Precambrian is a sequence of interactive synthesis environments, engineered by Robertson using the graphical programming language; Max/MSP. Often drawing from his background in sound design for film & theatre, Senna utilizes a handful of homemade piezoelectric transducers, microphones, & field recordings to interact within each of these unique synthetic environments. The result of this interaction is a performance which resembles a series of absurd, one-act narratives.


Jun 05 – 9:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Le Voyeur (Seattle, WA)

Jun 06 – 8:00P Aphonia Rec. Series 6 @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)

Jun 08 – 8:00P The Precambrian @ The Blue Moon (Seattle, WA)

Jun 14 – 8:00P Agnes Szelag @ 21 grand (Oakland, CA)

Jun 18 – 8:00P Old Number Sevens (Phonon) @ the Tractor (Seattle, WA)

Jun 20 – 8:00P Benefit Show for the Oly Exp Music Fest @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)

Jun 24 – 6:00P Paintings for Animals @ Henry Art Gallery (Seattle, WA)

Jun 27 – 7:00P Ben Robertson + Gabe Will @ Olympia Experimental Music Festival

Jun 28 – 2:00P Paintings for Animals @ Artopia film show (Seattle, WA)

Jun 28 – 6:00P Darwinsbitch @ Olympia Experimental Music Fest (Olympia, wa)

Jun 29 – 7:00P Paintings for Animals @ Olympia Experimental Music Fest (olympia, wa)


Podcast Special: Darwinsbitch

While the Spring weather is definitely a welcome feature of the recent days, we would like to go back in time for a tiny bit and revisit some past shows on the podcast. Aphonia Recordings has reached its first full year of continuous operation with the year anniversary of the launch show, way back on May 17th of 2007 at the Midnight Sun in Olympia. While we will be revisiting that particular show, to kick of this extravaganza, we bring you a show performed by Darwinsbitch on November 11th, 2007.

A.K.A. Marielle Jakobsons, Darwinsbitch hails from Oakland, California and back in November joined several of our other artists – those sets will be podcast here soon.

Podcast Special: Darwinsbitch


2008 Performance Series: pt III + Compilation CD Release Party

We are pleased to announce the release of Aphonia Recordings’ first CD compilation! Copies will be available for sale at our next showcase (Friday, March 7th). The compilation will feature choice tracks from: Marriage + Cancer, Desolation Wilderness, Giant Expanding Pictures, KRGA, Daedelum, Andrew Senna, Unicorns in the Snow, Planar Defecs, Myello, Darwinsbitch, & Ben L. Robertson. Come out, support our artists, and buy the comp!

Desolation Wilderness is Nicolaas Zwart. This project has changed gradually in focus from the simpler, synthesizer heavy, beat driven songs of its first netlabel releases on AudioTong and Test Tube to a more processed distillation of ideas concerning song structure and electronic noise, as show by later work released on Benbecula, K Records, and Aphonia Recordings. Currently, Desolation Wilderness draws influence from grainy film soundtracks, ’50’s and ’60’s radio pop, and INA-GRM musique concrete. In performance, Desolation Wilderness has evolved from a solo laptop setup to its latest incarnation as a live ensemble.

Myello Electronics is the project of Olympia based composer Daniel Farrell. Many divergent influences have inspired myello to create music, which often hints at a wish toward dance, while being motivated by an interest in textures and awkward composition that somewhat undermines that aspiration. Farrell understands the compositional choices he makes to be informed and influenced by chance events, improvisation, societal pressures (the clutter of modernity), consumer electronics, credit cards, disposability, mercury, and plastic bags.

Founded by Adam Reza & Chris Hanis, ph0n0n creates soundtracks with elements of microtonality, chance processes and live improvisation. Aphonia Recordings recently welcomed Ph0n0n to the label and we are greatly anticipating their debut release.


Shows: March 2008

Mar 06 – 9:00P – Derek M. Johnson @ Le Voyeur (Olympia, WA)

Mar 07 – 8:00P – Aphonia Rec. Monthly Series: Pt 3 @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)

Mar 08 – 2:00P – Desolation Wilderness @ Hall of the Woods (Olympia, WA)

Mar 15 – 8:00P – Darwinsbitch @ Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut (Oakland, CA)

Mar 20 – 8:00P – Desolation Wilderness @ Black Front Gallery (Olympia, WA)

Mar 20 – 8:00P – Derek M. Johnson @ The Skylark Cafe (Seattle, WA)

Mar 20 – 8:00P – Die Resonanz (Amy Denio) @ Accordian Festival (Vienna, Austria)

Mar 21 – 8:00P – Darwinsbitch @ 21 Grand (Oakland, CA)

Mar 22 – 8:00P – Desolation Wilderness @ Pacific Science Center (Seattle, WA)

Mar 30 – 10:30A – Die Resonanz (Amy Denio) @ Bolanzo (Bolanzo, Italy)


Shows: February 2008

Feb 01 – 8:00P – Aphonia Rec. Monthly sSries @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)

Feb 03 – 8:00P – Amy Denio + Thollem McDonas @ The Shed (Dublin, Ireland)

Feb 09 – 8:00P – Darwinsbitch @ Mills College (Oakland, CA)

Feb 14 – 8:00P – Unicorns in the Snow @ Fahrenheit Gallery (Kansas City, MO)

Feb 17 – 8:00P – KRGA @ Mr. Spot’s Chai House (Seattle, WA)

Feb 24 – 6:30P – Derek M. Johnson @ The Helm (Tacoma, WA)

Feb 28 – 8:00P – KRGA @ Rendezvous (wall of sound: 5th annual strings show) (Seattle, WA)


Aphonia co-founder, Andrew Senna in blog interview

andrew-sennaAndrew Senna, Aphonia Recordings co-founder, gets interviewed by Vancouver Film School blog guru Jeff Morris.

Follow this link to read the interview and listen to the accompanying tracks by Marriage + Cancer, Desolation Wilderness and Darwinsbitch. Oooo… free downloads!

VFS Blog


Shows: September 2007

09/05/2007 – Amy Denio (Hells Bellows & Charleyville) @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre [seattle, wa]

09/06/2007 – Slim Twig (w/ Deep Dark United) @ The Tranzac [Toronto, ON]

09/14/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Thollem MC Donnas) @ The Artisan’s Cafe [Olympia, WA]

09/14/2007 – Darwinsbitch @ Milk Bar (studio 223) [Oakland, CA]

09/21/2007 – The Tiptons (w/ Amy Denio) @ start of Tiptons Sax Quartet Euro tour! [Viersen, Germany]

09/22/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ The Dead Air Fresheners & L.A. Lungs) @ Rererato [Portland, OR]

09/23/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Arrington de Dionyso) @ Way Post [Portland, OR]

09/23/2007 – The Tiptons @ KSET Zagreb [Zagreb, Croatia]

09/24/2007 – Derek M. Johnson (w/ Blipvert, Dusty York Trio) @ Rotture [Portland, OR]

09/25/2007 – The Tiptons @ JAZZ:IT [Salzburg, Austria]

09/26/2007 – Tropics (w/ Jewish Legend) @ The Tranzac [Toronto, ON]

09/26/2007 – The Tiptons @ Tetelkova [Ljubljana, Slovenia]

09/26/2007 – Darwinsbitch + P. Greenlief @ 1510 Performance Space [Oakland, CA]

09/27/2007 – The Tiptons @ Miles Smiles [Vienna, Austria]

09/28/2007 – The Tiptons @ KIK [Reid, Austria]

09/29/2007 – KRGA (w/ Bronze Fawn) @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre [Seattle, WA]

09/29/2007 – The Tiptons @ Stellwerk [Hamburg, Germany]

09/30/2007 – The Tiptons @ SS Stubnitz [Amsterdam, Netherlands]


Darwinsbitch Comes to Aphonia Recordings Store

Aphonia Recordings is now selling the Darwinsbitch EP, “Induction.” this is currently the first release from Darwinsbitch to appear on the label, and we do look forward to more from them in the near future. Keep an eye peeled for shows in the Oakland area.

click here to purchase this release.

A little more about Darwinsbitch:

“Darwinsbitch is fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a backbone of sine oscillators and violin. Sound sources from the environment blend with instruments such as piano, ocean-harp, guitar, bass, and specially designed computer programs to create a unique sonic hybrid between the acoustic and the digital.”

“Darwinsbitch is the solo project of Marielle Jakobsons, sound artist and violinist from Oakland, California. Her work stems from a fascination between human experiences which are at once “natural” and technologically-altered. Other projects include: myrmyr (electroacoustic duo with Agnes Szelag), Triometrik (interactive multimedia ensemble), as well as many other violin/improv performances.”

We think this sums it up better than we could on our own. Enjoy!