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Foxy Digitalis Reviews “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait” by Tetsuya Hori

Tetsuya Hori

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Isaac Aronson’s recent review of Tetsuya Hori’s record entitled Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait is chock full of healthy critique and praise. Aronson begins his review with skepticism over Hori’s claim that:

“My pieces do not have concept. That is my concept. The concept develops in the head of the listener.”

Aronson opines that statements like these are often parroted by artists whose ideas “really only make sense to them.” Or something like that. His latent skepticism is quickly brushed aside and rightly finds in Dried Fish:

“…a beautiful album with a surprising array of emotions… Dried Fish blurs the line between instrument and object, allowing the listener to truly get lost in the piece and explore the emotions within.”

Rating the album 9 out of 10, Aronson plainly has explorative ears and writes with passion about one of our recent additions to the label. We couldn’t be happier. Go read the whole thing over here, but before you do so listen to the record below and purchase a limited edition CD that includes a gigantic 15 inch X 15 inch full color poster.


“Kappa” Teaser Video From Tetsuya Hori’s Latest Record

New Aphonia Recordings artist Tetsuya Hori gives us a glimpse, visually speaking, into the first track (“Kappa”) on his debut release “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait.”

Tetsuya is a composer for “things” or objects as much as he is a pianist. Most of us in the Pacific Northwest will find limited opportunities to see this truly creative experimental composer at work. This short “teaser” shows the artist and performer recording and performing. Those of you who have frequented past Aphonia Recordings showcases and are familiar with our artists will no doubt find some sense of camaraderie that goes along with the exploration of sound as music.

kappa for voice and cigar box from Tetsuya Hori on Vimeo.

Visit Mr. Hori’s Vimeo page for more examples of video work.


Introducing Tetsuya Hori: Berlin-based Composer, Object-player and Pianist

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“My pieces do not have a concept. That is the concept. The concept develops in the head of the listener. I compose not only for instruments, but for things. Each piece is different. Every time. I want to show the listener nonsense. Interesting nonsense.”

So says evocative and perplexing Berlin-based composer and pianist Tetsuya Hori. By arranging a confounding series of musical events, the listener is left with the freedom to interpret. At times sedative, creepily silent or jarring and brutal, Hori paints landscapes and often allows enough breathing room in his pieces for processing.

Any discernible pattern on “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait” is confounded by its sheer scope. Developments in his compositions take time to foment. The three long tracks that “Bait” consist of take time to get through and often, if any logic is implied, it is over stretches of minutes rather than seconds. The pieces beg multiple listens, the beauty of which is that upon repeat listens, details recede and new ones form. “Intermezzo” recalls hints of Debussy, “Kappa” listens like a book of nonsense poems supported by the sleeping of a mythical mechanical beast, “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait” is at once meditative, frightening and sculpted. From guttural wails to introspective chordal interludes, this is a vast project of a record and we hope you like it. His debut release comes in a limited edition special 15 inch square poster which you can pre-order as of April 14th, 2011. We are very excited to release this record and hope you check it out!

Check out a more extensive interview with Tetsuya Hori by Tobias Fischer at a unique German music website.