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Shows: November 2008

Nov 02 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ Church of the Friendly Ghost (Austin, TX)

Nov 03 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ ACFM (Lafayette, LA)

Nov 04 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ The Engine Room (Tallahassee, FL)

Nov 05 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ Flicker Theater (Athens, GA)

Nov 07 – 8:00P – Thunder Grey Pilgrim, Wehrwolve @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Nov 07 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ the milestone (Charlotte, NC)

Nov 08 – 8:00P – takedown uav, daedelum, more @ Intl. Noise Conference (Object Space) (Spokane, Wa)

Nov 08 – 8:00P – nucular aminals @ the know bar (Portland, Or)

Nov 08 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ the pilot light (knoxville, Tn)

Nov 09 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ Al’s bar (Lexington, KY)

Nov 10 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ garfield artworks (Pittsburg, PA)

Nov 11 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ the cake shop New York, NY)

Nov 12 – 8:00P – Amy Denio @ Musiquarium (Triple Door) (Seattle, WA)

Nov 13 – 8:00P – Amy Denio @ Henry Art Museum (Seattle, WA)

Nov 13 – 8:00P – Derek M. Johnson @ Capital Theatre (Olympia, WA)

Nov 13 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ the bug jar (Rochester, NY)

Nov 15 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ oberlin college (Oberlin, OH)

Nov 16 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ DAAC (Grand Rapids, MI)

Nov 17 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ cinemat (bloomington, IN)

Nov 18 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ shubas (Chicago, IL)

Nov 19 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ Vaudeville News (Des Moines, IA)

Nov 19 – 8:00P – Amy Denio @ the Rendezvous-jewelbox theatre (Seattle, WA)

Nov 21 – 9:00P – Paintings for Animals @ the Josephine (Seattle, WA)

Nov 21 – 8:00P – desolation wilderness @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO)

Nov 22 – 7:00P – Hell’s Bellows! (w/ Amy Denio) @ Blue Heron Arts Center (Vashon Island, WA)


Podcast #19 – What Does It Mean to be a Mood Organ

Podcast #19 – What Does It Mean to be a Mood Organ

Aphonia Recordings: series #10
Friday, Oct 3rd @ Gallery 1412
(1412 18th Ave – Seattle, WA)
8:00 PM

-Matt Shoemaker
-Mood Organ (collaboration w/ Zack Shaw)
-The Precambrian


Sourced from both natural and electronic means, Matt Shoemaker manipulates sound so as to convey compositions that uniquely imagine a space encrypted to the point of vanishing definition. Shoemaker is a self-taught artist, employing microphones, digital & analog recorders, computers, acoustic instruments, & assorted signal processors. His work has been published in countries as diverse as Portugal, Germany, England, USA & Malaysia. Matt has also received commissions for radio works across the globe and presented his work at various universities, dance halls, rock clubs, & art galleries.


Mood Organ is Timm Mason. Mood organ is a construct which seeks to continually reform itself with each subsequent release and live appearance. A Mood Organ piece may utilize evolving drones, phase patterns, treated field recordings, chords constructed from feedback, sounds amplified through solid materials, metal percussion, muffled voices, vintage rhythm boxes, & shortwave radio. In the past, Timm has worked with composers & musicians, including Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme, Simon Henneman, Zack Shaw & Ethan Cudaback (as Kuru Cult), Matt Shoemaker, Skip Milford & Chris Pollina (as Quietus), Ed Petry, Bill Horist, Dave Abramson, Gregg Keplinger, & Glenn Branca.


Aphonia Recordings founders, Ben L. Robertson & Andrew Senna team-up as The Precambrian. In concept, The Precambrian is a constantly evolving interactive synthesis environment/instrument, engineered by Robertson using the graphical programming language, Max/MSP. In its current incarnation, The Precambrian utilizes a “slide zither” & various pitch recognition algorithms to coax out microtonal intervals derived from a graphical system of 11-limit, just intonation matrices. Additionally, Senna (armed with a handful of piezoelectric transducers, microphones, field recordings & synths) executes a series of absurd narratives & synthetic onomatopoeia, indicative of both his sound design work for film & theater.



Podcast #18 – Amy Denio and Aphonia Supergroup

Just a short three weeks ago Amy Denio released her first digital only release on Aphonia Recordings. The release entitled, sub-Rosa, is a soundtrack for a multimedia and dance piece of the same name. Directed by Cheronne Wong at produced at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center exactly one year ago today, September 18th, 2008. This podcast gives an overview of sub-Rosa’s inspiration and we hope you will listen in for a track from sub-Rosa.

This is also kind of a double header as the second part of this podcast is the recording of our Aphonia Recordings Supergroup. For the Olympia Experimental Music Festival benefit show in June we assembled an all star cast of recording artists from the label including, Derek M. Johnson, The Precambrian, Ph0n0n, KRGA and Gabe Will of Problems. We hope you enjoy.

Podcast #18 – Amy Denio and Aphonia Supergroup


Shows: September 2008

Sept 05 – 8:00P myrmyr @ San Francisco Electronic Music (San Francisco, Ca)

Sept 05 – 8:00P Problems, Amy Denio, nucular aminals @ Aphonia Rec. 9 (Gallery 1412) (Seattle, Wa)

Sept 05 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ the treehouse (Arcata, Ca)

Sept 06 – 7:30P Amy Denio (w/ yellow hat band) @ Burien Lantern Fest (Burien, Wa)

Sept 06 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Rererato (Portland, Or)

Sept 06 – 8:00P Agnes Szelag @ Project Artaud Theater (San francisco, Ca)

Sept 06 – 8:00P Nucular Aminals @ The Red House (Olympia, Wa)

Sept 07- 8:00P Daedelum @ The Empyrean (Spokane, Wa)

Sept 07 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Matt’s house (Olympia, Wa)

Sept 11 – 8:00P Paintings for Animals, VxPxC, Warm Climates, Wind Swept Planes @ Galley 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Sept 13 – 8:00P Nucular Aminals @ SCRAP Benefit (Portland, Or)

Sept 19 – 7:00P Derek M. Johnson & mangled bohemians @ Rererato (Portland, Or)

Sept 21 – 8:00P Amy Denio @ El Corazon (Seattle, Wa)

Sept 26-28 – 8:00P Derek M. Johnson @ Midnight Sun (3 day festival) (Olympia, Wa)


Come celebrate Amy Denio’s debut release on Aphonia Recordings this Friday!!!!!

Amy Denio: Subrosa release show/party (w/ Nucular Aminals + Problems)@ Gallery 1412

Amy Denio – subrosa: AR017
amy denio - subrosa

click here to preview tracks / purchase this release



Shows: August 2008

Aug 01 – 8:00P Aphonia Recordings series 8 @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Aug 05 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ the Phoenix House (Olympia, Wa)

Aug 08 – 8:00P Bob Marsh Ensemble @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Aug 15 – 8:00P Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, The Precambrian @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Aug 15 – 9:00P Derek M. Johnson, Problems, Wummin @ Le Voyeur (Olympia, Wa)

Aug 21 – 7:00P Desolation Wilderness w/ Stag Hare @ Phoenix House (Olympia, Wa)

Aug 22 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Carousel Festival! (Seattle, Wa)

Aug 23 – 1:00P LA Lungs @ Carousel fest! (Seattle, Wa)

Aug 23 – 8:00P LA Lungs, Dead Air Fresheners, Eet @ Proper Eats (Portland, Or)

Aug 23 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness + Problems @ Artistery (Portland, Or)

Aug 24 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Shady Pines (Eugene, Or)

Aug 25 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Luna’s Cafe (Sacramento, Ca)

Aug 26 – 7:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Udai (Reno, Nv)

Aug 27 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Upstairs Gallery (Placerville, Ca)

Aug 28 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Kittenboat Warehouse (Oakland, Ca)

Aug 29 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Mama Buzz Cafe (Oakland, Ca)

Aug 30 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ Pehrspace (Los Angeles, Ca)

Aug 31 – 8:00P Desolation Wilderness @ The Smell (Los Angeles, Ca)


Shows: July 2008

Jul 06 – 8:00P Paintings for Animals @ 20/20 Cycle (Seattle, Wa)

Jul 09 – 8:00P Amy Denio @ Rendezvous Jewelbox (Seattle, Wa)

Jul 10 – 8:00P The Precambrian, aye aye/navigator @ le voyeur (Olympia, wa)

Jul 11 – 8:00P Aye Aye, Navigator, KRGA, thunder grey pilgrim @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Jul 12 – 9:00P Derek M. Johnson @ le voyeur (Olympia, Wa)

Jul 13 2008 6:00P
Paitings for Animals @ Mr. Spot’s Chai House (Seattle, Wa)

Jul 15 – 8:00P Derek M. Johnson @ the Royal (Olympia, Wa)

Jul 17 – 8:00P Amy Denio @ The Red Umbrella (Everett, Wa)

Jul 17 – 8:00P darwinsbitch @ Mission Creek Music Fest (San Francisco, ca)

Jul 18 – 9:00P Paintings for Animals @ S.S. Josephine (Seattle, Wa)

Jul 19 – 12:00P Desolation Wilderness @ What the Heck? Fest (Anacortes, Wa)

Jul 22 – 8:00P Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, the Precambrian @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)

Jul 31 – 8:00P Amy Denio @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, Wa)


Series 6 Podcast: Paintings for Animals

Paintings for Animals recently performed at the Series 6 Aphonia Recordings Showcase at the Gallery 1412 on Jun 6th, 2008. Catch them on iTunes or right here!

Series 6 Podcast: Paintings for Animals


Benefit for the Olympia Experimental Music Festival


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Show starts at 8:00 PM sharp

For 14 years, the Olympia Experimental Music Festival has been an amazing asset to the NW experimental music community. This year, Aphonia Recordings will be hosting a benefit show to raise money for this year’s festival (…travel expenses for artists, promotion, venue rental etc.. This stuff isn’t free!). In addition to performances, we will also be holding a raffle & silent auction for awesome prizes donated by NW artists & musicians, including: CD’s, LP’s, reel-to-reels, random audio gear, & one squirrel costume (donated by Red Squirrels).

Please show up the benefit, donate generously, buy raffle tickets, bid on a rad prize or two, & support the festival……It will make you a better person!

A number of Aphonia Recordings folks will be performing at the actual festival in Olympia (ie. Paintings for Animals, Darwinsbitch, & a collaboration between Ben L. Robertson + Gabe Will (violist – Problems)).


Video Podcast!!! Derek M. Johnson, Darwinsbitch and More!!!

Join us in enjoying this excerpted video from the Aphonia Recordings mini-tour that occurred last November. Recently Darwinsbitch performance during this mini-tour was featured as a podcast here. Now an excerpt is available as video!

Video directed by Ryan Leeds
© Aphonia Recordings 2008