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Daniel Johnston Fans Take Note

Nucular Aminals are old friends and on their current self titled release have covered “Walking the Cow.” It is a Daniel Johnston song with no shortage of artists having recorded it. I think it is one of the most faithful to the song’s spirit. Not all artists who pay tribute to an oft revered and eccentric musical talent hit a nerve the way the original performer could. Indeed, not even the songs themselves can remain intact while in transit to other musical interpretations, though Mr. Johnston and Nucular Aminals clearly do it quite well.

Listen to “Walking the Cow” covered by Nucular Aminals available now all over the world.


Happy New Year!

Welcome to the New Year! We have slowly but surely made the transition to our new servers and if all went well, most of you didn’t even notice. With most of the speed issues hopefully conquered our website should prove to be faster and more reliable than before. Thank you for your patience with our growing pains.

We are preparing for our second year of showcase events. In the last year, Aphonia Recordings has hosted more than 20 performances. That’s like one every other week! Most of our performances go down at the Gallery 1412 near the corner of 18th and Union in Seattle’s Central District.

Many things are on the horizon for us in the near future. We are working on our second compilation, which will find new release as a physical CD and as a download available all over the world. We will also be releasing “The Phantom of the Opera, A Live Soundtrack” by Rachel Carns, Derek M Johnson, Daniel Buscher and Heather Hall. In addition, we are looking at further releases in the coming year. For the time being though, it will be a quiet couple of months.

While we are assembling our biggest distribution ever for the 2009 Compilation, don’t forget to listen to our podcast. You can visit our website listen to our podcasts. Or if you would like to take it with you subscribe on iTunes and download it for free! Our podcast is a semi-regular event that details the work of our artists, including interviews, live shows and explorations on the many phenomena of sound and music. While we would love to have one every day or week even, stay tuned as there will be more intriguing subjects covered.

Thank you to all our artists fans who made 2008 an encouraging year for experimental music. Indeed, we are excited about the New Year and hope that we can top ourselves once again.


Foxy Digitalis Has the Spotlight on Aphonia Recordings

Ben and I do a lot of legwork to keep the pulse of this label strong online and elsewhere. Press doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t necessarily come easily. Lately, we have definitely been lucky with coverage locally as well as nationally. The Stranger recently covered our last show, The Phantom of the Opera at the Gallery 1412 and we have been looking into our distribution options for that – we are looking to do a January release.

We have also been fortunate enough to catch the eye of local blogger writing for Illusory Confections and now Mr. Brad Bird of online mag Foxy Digitalis has an exclusive interview with Ben and I which you can find here. I also might add that our local friends and Aphonia Recordings alums L.A. Lungs are featured on Foxy Digitalis as well. I highly recommend going to Foxy Digitalis to check out this interview as well. And don’t forget darwinsbitch also has a limited run (only 100!) cassette up now that you can purchase there. Whew! Hooray for Foxy Digitalis.

In other news, Ben and I will be transferring our domain to a new web host – so there will be outages this coming week. Hopefully by Xmas all will up again and everyone can marvel at our new speed and slickness. Actually the site wont look at all different, it will just hopefully work better. There will be some cosmetic changes on the way, which to most of you will be transparent. I will post another outage reminder probably tomorrow as that is when the process is most likely to begin.

While it gets strangely cold here in Seattle and the snow continues to stick to the ground, I wish all of you the best of times as the shortest day of the year inevitably approaches.


Darwinsbitch: Steel Hum

I would like all our readers to check out Darwinsbitch latest release Steel Hum. Marielle V. Jakobson continues her handmade art/sound releases with this very short run (99 copies – well now maybe 98 since I bought one) – cassette tape release. Here are a few words from the Digitalis Industries website:

“finally, the bitch is here. marielle v. jakobsons is the brilliant mind behind the elusive darwinsbitch. her music is rich in texture and portrays an aural depth that you can’t quite pierce. “steel hum” is an introduction, an effort to bring you into the fold in anticipation of her spellbinding debut full-length, “ore.” but what “steel hum” has is an organic sense of place and a path forward.

jakobsons employs numerous methods with a focus on synths, tapes, and violin. what she creates is a slightly-uneasy soundworld, constantly teetering on the edge of collapse. these sides are like a rocking ship drifting back & forth in deep grey seas. you’re not sure if you should just enjoy the view or vomit your dinner over the side. “steel hum” is caught in the space between. limited to 99 copies w/ custom stamped art.”

Support this artist with a singularly original and beautiful vision for music and art. Buy Now


New Release: Mangled Bohemians / Degeneration

Finally the long awaited release by Mangled Bohemians of Portland, Oregon has hit the Aphonia Recordings website for sale. Go to the website and take a look or click below:


Free previews are available through the website – and remember Mangled Bohemians may be headed your way on their upcoming tour. They will be playing the Aphonia Recordings showcase on January 2nd, 2009 here in Seattle and on the 3rd at the Le Voyeur in Olympia – they will be performing along with Aphonia Recordings alums L.A. Lungs and Derek M. Johnson. See you there!


Nucular Aminals Self-Titled Debut on Aphonia Recordings

Everyone, please take a tour around the ole Aphonia Recordings website and check out our old friends Nucular Aminals hitting the digital shelves with their debut release with our lovely, quickly expanding label.


Also, just as an aside to finally sealing the deal on this great release, sorry for the delay. Between getting permission for to use Daniel Johnston’s “Walking the Cow” to getting actually CDs ready – it has been busy around here! Enjoy!!!


Check Out All Our New Releases

We have been busy lately. All of these releases have come out in the last two months or so. We are expecting a few more, including Nucular Aminals self titled debut on the label as well as well Mangled Bohemians’ Degeneration. Also in the works is a special limited release with Derek M. Johnson and Rachel Carns of The Need performing a live improvised score to the silent film classic, The Phantom of the Opera. Stay tuned for these exciting releases… and also if you would like to catch up with The Need and Mr. Johnson, they will be playing a special one time only concert Friday December 12th at Gallery 1412 – make sure to catch them! More on this later!

Paintings For Animals – Cistern Air [AR023]
buy now


Dokuro – The Black Room
[AR020] buy now


L.A. Lungs – Most of the Time We Do Not Realize that We Are Shedding Our Skin [AR018]


Amy Denio – sub-Rosa
[AR019] buy now


Nucular Aminals Release Date Nov. 23rd, 2008

Save your pennies, Nucular Aminals first full length digital release will go live on November 23rd, 2008. It will simultaneously be available in Mp3, AAC and CD-R on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Look for goodies available on, iTunes and many more online outlets. Be the first kid on your block to buy your Nucular Aminals ringtones on release day!



New Release!!! Paintings For Animals

Our good friend Paintings For Animals has released their much anticipated EP Cistern Air on Aphonia Recordings. They have been featured at several Gallery 1412 shows with our artists and others. Go to the website and check it out!

New Release!!! Paintings for Animals – Cistern Air


buy now


Dokuro’s The Black Room Reviewed in The Wire Magazine

dokurocdlgListen / Buy Now

In the November issue 297 of the UK’s The Wire magazine David Stubbs reviews Dokuro’s recent release, The Black Room. Look for the interview in print or read the full text below:

Based in Oakland, California, Dokuro are visual artist/composer Agnes Szelag and the magnificently nomenclatured The Norman Conquest. They include the word “pop” in their self-definition, which is a little like Sunn 0))) locating a Country & Western element somewhere in their music. This is extremist fare that blasts awat the earwax without leaving you feeling pointlessly bludgeoned. On “The Ghost Goes West”, clouds of generated electricity belch blackly, then are discreetly sculpted. “Shadow of the Cat” is sheer catastrophe, all earthquake and Grindcore, its rotorblade still whirring long after the helicopter has crashed and burned. Finally, with “October Moon” a calm descends and dawn breaks over a charred landscape quiet but for the sporadic noises of afterburn.