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Aphonia Showcase: Gallery 1412 (26 October – Seattle, WA)

Aphonia Recordings’ debut showcase in Seattle will feature a set of compositions
for voice & electronics by seasoned Seattle-based improviser &
multi-instrumentalist, Amy Denio. Also hailing from Seattle, Kristian Garrard (of
‘Joules’) will be performing an electroacoustic set as KRGA.

From the south-sound, Aphonia Recordings welcomes Derek M. Johnson and Myello.
Derek M. Johnson’s work for cello & electronics has been heard at numerous
experimental/improv festivals, including his active involvement with the Olympia
Experimental Music Festival. Derek’s past collaborations have included work with
Unwound, Old Time Relijun, Le Ton Mite, and many others. Likewise, Myello’s set
will demonstrate no shortage of LFO’s, VCF’s, and other acronymous controlled
voltage devices.

Rounding out the evening will be a performance by ‘the Precambrian’, a
collaborative project featuring label founders Andrew Senna & Ben L. Robertson.
Their performance promises to pair Andrew Senna’s work in narrative sound design with Ben L. Robertson’s obsession with microtonality & interactive
processing algorithms. Contact microphone mayhem & max/msp antics are sure to abound!

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New Release: Myello Electronics – Composites & Variations On Forms

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Myello Electronics – Composites & Variations On Forms: AR015
click ( here ) to preview tracks / purchase this release

….also: be sure to check out myello electronics (along w/ KRGA, amy denio, Derek M. Johnson, & a collaboration by Aphonia Rec. founders, Ben L. Robertson + Andrew Senna) on:

Friday, Oct. 26th
@ Gallery 1412
1412 18th Ave (18th Ave and Union St)
Seattle, WA 98122


Brand New Release: KRGA – ‘Magic Wand’

Aphonia Recordings is proud to announce the release of KRGA’s brand new mini album, ‘Magic Wand’.

KRGA’s first Aphonia Release, Magic Wand, is a two track drone cycle, focusing on the sound of electrical interference, and the promotion of its sound to be the foremost element of the music. The title track finds Kristian manipulating an electric guitar with a vibrator, both using it to excite the strings as well as to interfere with the pickups’ signal. The track slowly grows thicker and thicker, as the sound of the guitar is processed and layered in Max/MSP. The second track, “AC”, focuses on the ubiquitous 60 cycle hum of electrical instruments. An electric guitar is set on the floor, gain cranked up, to allow the hum to ring out. The buzz quickly gains weight as it layers on top of itself, deep rumblings come out from below, until finally dissolving into a simple chord, which becomes fractured and atonal as the song fades out. Both tracks on this mini-album were recorded direct as they were performed. No overdubs occur on these recordings.

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Darwinsbitch Comes to Aphonia Recordings Store

Aphonia Recordings is now selling the Darwinsbitch EP, “Induction.” this is currently the first release from Darwinsbitch to appear on the label, and we do look forward to more from them in the near future. Keep an eye peeled for shows in the Oakland area.

click here to purchase this release.

A little more about Darwinsbitch:

“Darwinsbitch is fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a backbone of sine oscillators and violin. Sound sources from the environment blend with instruments such as piano, ocean-harp, guitar, bass, and specially designed computer programs to create a unique sonic hybrid between the acoustic and the digital.”

“Darwinsbitch is the solo project of Marielle Jakobsons, sound artist and violinist from Oakland, California. Her work stems from a fascination between human experiences which are at once “natural” and technologically-altered. Other projects include: myrmyr (electroacoustic duo with Agnes Szelag), Triometrik (interactive multimedia ensemble), as well as many other violin/improv performances.”

We think this sums it up better than we could on our own. Enjoy!



Mini-launch Show V2.0 (16 August – Olympia, WA)