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Aphonia Recordings Showcase 09-#2 (Fri, Feb 6)

Aphonia Recordings showcase: 09-#2 @ Gallery 1412
Friday, February 6th
1412 18th ave – Seattle, WA
8:00 PM

– Darwinsbitch (Oakland)
– LA Lungs (Tacoma)
– Derek M. Johnson (Olympia)
– The Precambrian

Fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a backbone of sine oscillators and violin. Sound sources from the environment blend with instruments such as piano, ocean-harp, guitar, bass, and specially designed computer programs to create a unique sonic hybrid between the acoustic and the digital. Darwinsbitch is the solo project of Marielle Jakobsons, sound artist and violinist from Oakland, California. Her work stems from a fascination between human experiences which are at once “natural” and technologically-altered. Other projects include: myrmyr (electroacoustic duo with Agnes Szelag), triometrik (interactive multimedia ensemble), Date Palms, as well as many other violin/improv performances.

Derek is an Olympia native and can’t seem to ever get away. He frequently performs solo acoustic/electric cello throughout the Northwest with an ever changing, direct animation slide show. He’s been a member of Bloodclot, Dead Air Fresheners, Le Ton Mite, Frequency dB, and the unfortunately named Superfly 2000. Collaborations include: Unwound, Thollem McDonnas, Jeremy Jay, Ben L Robertson, Arrington de Dionyso, Bob Marsh, among others.


L.A. Lungs was formed in the summer on 2005 in a Tacoma studio apartment by Afterthought Lung (nee Nathan Markiewicz) and Leeward Lungs (nee Lori Peterson). L.A. Lungs continue to perform around the Pacific Northwest and have been fortunate enough to share bills with artists such as Acre, Bird Costumes, Wesley Borden, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Crank Sturgeon, The Dead Air Fresheners, Steve Fisk, Forest Friends, Gowns, Bill Horist, Josh Hydeman, Derek Johnson, Mattress, Myr Myr, POWRFL POWER, Racooo-oo-oon, Scard, Shearing Pinx, Talbot Tagora, Your Drugs My Money, and many more. We can look forward to hearing work from LA Lungs recent Aphonia Rec. (“Most of the Time We Do Not Realize We are Shedding Our Skins”) & Debacle releases at this month’s showcase.

Aphonia Recordings founders, Ben L. Robertson & Andrew Senna team-up as The Precambrian. In concept, The Precambrian is a constantly evolving interactive synthesis environment/instrument, engineered by Robertson using the graphical programming language, Max/MSP.

In its current incarnation, The Precambrian utilizes a “slide zither”, voice, & various pitch recognition algorithms to coax out microtonal intervals derived from a graphical system of 11-limit, just intonation matrices. In performance, Senna (armed with a handful of homemade piezoelectric transducers, microphones, & field recordings) executes a series of absurd one-act narratives & vocal onomatopoeia, indicative of both his sound design work for film & theater.


Crazy Sale on Mood Organ

Our friend Mood Organ is on sale! Once priced at $2.99 for these extended tracks (over 20 minutes long!) these now can be yours from the Aphonia Recordings website for a bargain basement price of $0.99 per track. We hope you enjoy. Have you ever dreamed of taking Mood Organ on the road with you, in your car, on the bus or on your moped? Now you can for only $0.99 each. Click the images below to take advantage of this seriously awesome opportunity!

Mood Organ – 879


Mood Organ – 032


Darwinsbitch Releases First Full Length Album

Excerpted from the Foxy Digitalis Website:

“ace016: darwinsbitch “Ore” CD $13 darwinsbitch is fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a backbone of sine oscillators and violin. As the sky opens up and pellets of ice begin to fall, there is warmth trickling through the cracks in the walls. Darwinsbitch finally makes her incredible debut a reality. “Ore” is a slow-moving masterpiece, the kind of album that takes a few listens to truly crack, but once you find yourself swimming inside it’s molten core, you never, ever want to leave. Behind these droning squalls is the lone figure of Marielle Jakobsons. Armed with her tiny army of sonic weapons, she concocts a lavaflow of melodies only to then bury them underneath a flowing river of muck. They creep out, though, and sink their teeth in when you least expect it.

“Ore” is a silent killer. Layered in textures and sound, Jakobsons knows how to weave an immaculate sonic tapestry that is stunning and profound. Laced with an austere sensibility, her music is a lesson in organic experimentation. She laces these austere drones with an all-too-often unheard delicacy and richness. In the end, it’s simply beautiful music.

Jakobsons also plays in the duo Myrmyr (with Agnes Szelag) and Date Palms (with her partner-in-crime, Gregg Kowalsky).”

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1st Aphonia Recordings Comp Now Available Online!

For the first time we are releasing the first ever Aphonia Recordings compilation. Originally only available on CD it now is available on the our website at less than $5!!! Artists on the compilation include Darwinsbitch, KRGA, Marriage + Cancer and special compilation only track by Aphonia Recordings co-founder Ben L. Robertson.


Buy Now / $4.99


Check Out These Artists on iTunes & Elsewhere!!!

These new (and older-ish) releases have been been released worldwide through the iTunes Music Store and Amazon – and some other subscription online music stores as well (Rhapsody, Napster, etc.) Below are links through the iTunes Music Store to these lovely folks. Check ’em out… You can also go to our website to listen to full length samples or purchase as well. Click
for all our Amazon listings or click on the releases below to go directly to the iTunes Music Store.

Desolation Wilderness – In Love With Anything

Desolation Wilderness - In Love With Anything

Dokuro – The Black Room
Dokuro - The Black Room - EP

Amy Denio – sub-Rosa
Amy Denio - Sub-Rosa

Nucular Aminals – Nucular Aminals
Nucular Aminals - Nucular Aminals

Agnes Szelag - No Summer Or Winter
Agnes Szelag – No Summer Or Winter
Agnes Szelag - No Summer or Winter


New Release: Mangled Bohemians / Degeneration

Finally the long awaited release by Mangled Bohemians of Portland, Oregon has hit the Aphonia Recordings website for sale. Go to the website and take a look or click below:


Free previews are available through the website – and remember Mangled Bohemians may be headed your way on their upcoming tour. They will be playing the Aphonia Recordings showcase on January 2nd, 2009 here in Seattle and on the 3rd at the Le Voyeur in Olympia – they will be performing along with Aphonia Recordings alums L.A. Lungs and Derek M. Johnson. See you there!


Nucular Aminals Self-Titled Debut on Aphonia Recordings

Everyone, please take a tour around the ole Aphonia Recordings website and check out our old friends Nucular Aminals hitting the digital shelves with their debut release with our lovely, quickly expanding label.


Also, just as an aside to finally sealing the deal on this great release, sorry for the delay. Between getting permission for to use Daniel Johnston’s “Walking the Cow” to getting actually CDs ready – it has been busy around here! Enjoy!!!


Check Out All Our New Releases

We have been busy lately. All of these releases have come out in the last two months or so. We are expecting a few more, including Nucular Aminals self titled debut on the label as well as well Mangled Bohemians’ Degeneration. Also in the works is a special limited release with Derek M. Johnson and Rachel Carns of The Need performing a live improvised score to the silent film classic, The Phantom of the Opera. Stay tuned for these exciting releases… and also if you would like to catch up with The Need and Mr. Johnson, they will be playing a special one time only concert Friday December 12th at Gallery 1412 – make sure to catch them! More on this later!

Paintings For Animals – Cistern Air [AR023]
buy now


Dokuro – The Black Room
[AR020] buy now


L.A. Lungs – Most of the Time We Do Not Realize that We Are Shedding Our Skin [AR018]


Amy Denio – sub-Rosa
[AR019] buy now


Nucular Aminals Release Date Nov. 23rd, 2008

Save your pennies, Nucular Aminals first full length digital release will go live on November 23rd, 2008. It will simultaneously be available in Mp3, AAC and CD-R on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Look for goodies available on, iTunes and many more online outlets. Be the first kid on your block to buy your Nucular Aminals ringtones on release day!



Aphonia Showcase: Nov. 7th, 2008

Since May of 2007, we have producing live shows across the Northwest with artists from our label in addition to our esteemed guests. Tomorrow evening is no different. Wehrwolve and Thunder Grey Pilgrim are joining us for an evening of autumnal aural feast at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, WA. See below for details:


See you there!