Darwinsbitch: Steel Hum

I would like all our readers to check out Darwinsbitch latest release Steel Hum. Marielle V. Jakobson continues her handmade art/sound releases with this very short run (99 copies – well now maybe 98 since I bought one) – cassette tape release. Here are a few words from the Digitalis Industries website:

“finally, the bitch is here. marielle v. jakobsons is the brilliant mind behind the elusive darwinsbitch. her music is rich in texture and portrays an aural depth that you can’t quite pierce. “steel hum” is an introduction, an effort to bring you into the fold in anticipation of her spellbinding debut full-length, “ore.” but what “steel hum” has is an organic sense of place and a path forward.

jakobsons employs numerous methods with a focus on synths, tapes, and violin. what she creates is a slightly-uneasy soundworld, constantly teetering on the edge of collapse. these sides are like a rocking ship drifting back & forth in deep grey seas. you’re not sure if you should just enjoy the view or vomit your dinner over the side. “steel hum” is caught in the space between. limited to 99 copies w/ custom stamped art.”

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