Mangled Bohemians, Lube Fondue & New Red Sun @ Josephine

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to inform you all of Aphonia Recordings next showcase on January 10th at the Josephine in Ballard – that’s 01/10/10. That’s a lot of 1’s and 0’s… very binary. Anyways, we have sonic buffet of a variety that hopefully will be an auspicious beginning to a year that I think everyone hopes will be better than the last one. So don’t forget, Sunday January 10th, 2010 at the Josephine in Ballard: 608 NW 65th St N Seattle, Washington 98117… Read on about our featured artists this time around! I know its short notice, deal with it.


Mangled Bohemians (PDX) are an intensely atmospheric two-piece band featuring massively effected guitar and electronics. Mining heavily from the post-punk tradition of the likes of Glenn Branca, Savage Republic , Heathen Earth era Throbbing Gristle, and Sonic Youth’s SYR releases, Mangled Bohemians create long spacey drones that melt into beautiful washes & pseudo-melodies.


What started out as a collaborative effort for Butoh dance & sound between Casey Jones (Noisepoetnobody) and Briana Chittenden turned into a string of performances 3 years long. Eventually the situation blossomed into a romance story full of art, dance, noise & an outdoor wedding. Trained as a butoh dancer Briana incorporates experiences in movement art into a new medium seamlessly blending the boundaries between frequency and motion. Instrument builder and electronic musician Casey collects sounds from small peaces of metal, strings, springs, rocks, sea shells, kitchen tools & more with a hand soldered contact microphone.


Seattle-based drone group New Red Sun weave delicate melodies into densely shifting tapestries, from violin, guitar, and interlocking feedback. Drawing on a diverse palette, NRS includes elements of folk, drone, black metal & noise. NRS self-released their debut EP “Riding the Slow Wave of Death” in October ’09 and will be releasing a more extended follow-up on Albuquerque’s Featherspines label. NRS work is especially informed by the acts with which they’ve been fortunate enough to share bills, including Dragging an Ox Through Water, Barn Owl, Bill Horist, Novemthree, Elm, honey.moon.tree, Dr. Jones, Thunder Grey Pilgrim, Vivimancer, Higuma, Violet, Groves, I Died, Hobby Knife, Shurpa, Tempered Steel, Cult of Zir, Sleeping with the Earth, Prion, Dementia, Split Horizon, Groves, Travis Johns, Derek M. Johnson, Vradiazei, and more.

You see? You can’t miss it! See you there!


Andrew Senna
Aphonia Recordings