New Release, Mood Organ’s “Visiting a Burning Museum”

Aphonia Recordings is pleased to present, along with Debacle Records, the new joint release of Mood Organ’s “Visiting a Burning Museum”  available for purchase on the Aphonia Recordings website! Chris DeLaurenti of Seattle’s alt weekly The Stranger authors a column called The Score. This week he covers Mood Organ and writes:<br><br>

<block quote>”Mason inscribes his music with poetic details that reward headphone listening: lonesome guitar, rustles of wind, swelling tones, and keyboards that sound like they’re underwater, blurred by shivering eddies and ripples.”</block quote><br><br>

Of course, Timm Mason is Mood Organ and while Aphonia Recordings has hosted many incarnations of Mood Organ’s work we are especially excited for this new release, “Visiting a Burning Museum.” As part of the joint release, Debacle Records has manufactured a very short numbered run of 100 CDs and will be available at local record stores in the Seattle area, such as Wall of Sound and Dissonant Plane – so get yours while they’re hot!<br><br>

And, if you are in the Seattle area Mood Organ will be playing a show at Ballard record store, Dissonant Plane this Friday, August 28th.<br><br>

See you there!