Aphonia Showcase Coming Up Fri. Feb. 6

Hello everyone! Look I know it’s two weeks away but you know, it is probably a good idea to let everyone know about our next show – which we are sure to have a blast at – we hope you will join us! It is also nice as it will be the first time Ben and I will be performing as The Precambrian in a few months. So here is the press release type deal for your information:

Aphonia Recordings showcase: 09-#2 @ Gallery 1412
Friday, February 6th
1412 18th ave – Seattle, WA
8:00 PM

– Darwinsbitch (Oakland)
– LA Lungs (Tacoma)
– Derek M. Johnson (Olympia)
– The Precambrian


Fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a
backbone of sine oscillators and violin. Sound sources from the
environment blend with instruments such as piano, ocean-harp, guitar,
bass, and specially designed computer programs to create a unique sonic
hybrid between the acoustic and the digital. Darwinsbitch is the solo
project of Marielle Jakobsons, sound artist and violinist from Oakland,
California. Her work stems from a fascination between human experiences
which are at once “natural” and technologically-altered. Other projects
include: myrmyr (electroacoustic duo with Agnes Szelag), triometrik
(interactive multimedia ensemble), Date Palms, as well as many other
violin/improv performances.


Derek is an Olympia native and can’t seem to ever get away. He
frequently performs solo acoustic/electric cello throughout the
Northwest with an ever changing, direct animation slide show. He’s
been a member of Bloodclot, Dead Air Fresheners,
Le Ton Mite, Frequency dB, and the unfortunately named Superfly 2000.
Collaborations include: Unwound, Thollem McDonnas, Jeremy Jay, Ben L
Robertson, Arrington de Dionyso, Bob Marsh, among others.


L.A. Lungs was formed in the summer on 2005 in a Tacoma studio apartment by
Afterthought Lung (nee Nathan Markiewicz) and Leeward Lungs (nee Lori
Peterson). L.A. Lungs continue to perform around the Pacific Northwest
and have been fortunate enough to share bills with artists such as
Acre, Bird Costumes, Wesley Borden, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities,
Crank Sturgeon, The Dead Air Fresheners, Steve Fisk, Forest Friends,
Gowns, Bill Horist, Josh Hydeman, Derek Johnson, Mattress, Myr Myr,
POWRFL POWER, Racooo-oo-oon, Scard, Shearing Pinx, Talbot Tagora, Your
Drugs My Money, and many more. We can look forward to hearing work
from LA Lungs recent Aphonia Rec. & Debacle releases (“Most of the
Time We Do Not Realize We are Shedding Our Skins”) at this month’s


Aphonia Recordings founders, Ben L. Robertson & Andrew Senna team-up as The
Precambrian. In concept, The Precambrian is a constantly evolving
interactive synthesis environment/instrument, engineered by Robertson
using the graphical programming language, Max/MSP.
In its current incarnation, The Precambrian utilizes a “slide zither”, voice, &
various pitch recognition algorithms to coax out microtonal intervals
derived from a graphical system of 11-limit, just intonation matrices.
In performance, Senna (armed with a handful of homemade piezoelectric
transducers, microphones, & field recordings) executes a series of
absurd one-act narratives & vocal onomatopoeia, indicative of both
his sound design work for film & theater.