What Is Happening December 12th?

Have you ever heard of The Phantom of the Opera? Sure there is book version, a musical, but I don’t think anyone will soon forget the sheer visceral mystery of the original black and white film released in 1929 and shot in 1925 – prior to the dawn of synchronous sound as well as color. Though technology would catch up with the film – many technicolor reprints and attempts at adding a soundtrack later – nothing compares to the original.

When I was a small child, around the age of 8 or 9, my dad took me to a large cathedral to watch the film. The cathedral was St. John’s in Spokane, WA. Anyone of you out there who may be familiar with this structure, know that this neo-gothic cathedral is not only large but dominates the South Hill’s landscape. One night, probably in December, I sat in that dark church and nearly fell asleep while title cards and soothing organ music bored my 8 or 9 year old brain. Then, at the unmasking, I shot up in my seat and was utterly terrified. To such a degree that I seem to recall not long after that begging to go home. I would not sleep that night.

Since then, every “horror” film that I have screened has always met with a certain comparison to this original experience. They never live up to that cherry horror, however, a very special event is around the corner that I hope will rekindle that spirit and is really something you should not miss. Derek M. Johnson as well as members from the queercore powerhouse The Need will be performing a live score to the original Phantom of the Opera on December 12th at the Gallery 1412. This performance is a special event and so we are hoping that it’s results will be special. So we ask you to come out and support these fine artists and bring your friends and family members for what will be an intimate, dark and mysterious re-living of all your terrified nights, spent sleepless when only exhaustion could put you to rest. Really, it will be awesome.

As the show nears we will be releasing more detail and either way – mark your calendars – it will be a night not to be missed.

Gallery 1412
18th and Union
Central District
Seattle, WA

Stay Tuned for more details.