Kelli’s Starlight Wishes Is No More…

Kelli Frances Corrado is a relatively new addition to the Aphonia Recordings family but she had already made a name for herself when she released “Diamond Matter” in 2012. Incidentally, the name she made for herself was not Kelli’s Starlight Wishes; it was always just Kelli Frances Corrado. Names like can perhaps be a conceit based on the notion that, as artists, we may sometimes feel the need to conceptualize, or otherwise make more abstract, something that is very personal and intimate: our music. Or it could just be a jokey name to illustrate how culturally irreverent we think we are, or how crass, political, whatever – you name it.

For my own sake, I have always just settled on my name being sufficient as a title for my work. It could possibly be the most boring name in the world but I think it is the simplest and most honest. Having the obscure project name or pseudonym reminds me of people who have relatively silly email addresses like “tigglypoo85” or “huneygrrrlboop.” If you cannot name yourself, your musical altar ego, something without feeling stupid saying it aloud, than maybe you really ought to just stick to your given name or come up with something better. On the other hand, maybe your name is something like Dick Johnson or Madonna Tortelli.

I realize I am editorializing here but how else am I supposed to expand on the reasons why Kelli’s Starlight Wishes has gone by the wayside. Nonetheless, I get why Corrado switched her name back. It’s honest, it is the moniker everyone knows her by and it’s has a nice ring to it as well. Don’t you think?

PS – Look out for Tiggypoo’s first record in mid-2013. It’s entitled: Diggity Don’t Dop. They are a classically trained string quartet from Lithuania.