New Release! Miguel Baptista Benedict of Divorce Party with Second Solo Record of 2012

If there is a computer simulation of the universe going on, Miguel Baptista Benedict is an anomaly, a glitch and a welcome one at that.  He  manages to create massive rifts in time and spoil your attention span. I would not recommend ingesting any psychedelic substances before gorging on this bizarre collection of sounds, if only because it seems like it would be overkill. I mean, sure, you might freak out and go insane but you would also not have the best shot at decoding just what is actually happening in this second digital only release by Benedict entitled: “Solidary Bathing Techniques.”

Some of you may be familiar with Benedict’s work with Divorce Party and may not be terribly startled by this sonic outing. I will posit though that this is a completely different animal. In fact, the only thing that seems intact from 2012’s earlier release by Benedict called: “Sa​[​i​]​l​[​e​]​s,” is the frayed and demented logic. “Solidary” has ripping guitar riffs, intermittent explosions of drums and and viola meandering through gigantic monolithic walls of sound. There is a reason, after all, why Benedict bandies about “Life Threatening” as a genre, if only tongue and cheek.

I challenge those of you who have curious ears, are bored of indie rock schtick and in need of an audio revival give this record a listen. It is difficult, it is abrasive and is completely different than anything in his current collection of releases. (Sa[i]l[e]s, Astrocongertion Opporium). There are those that commit to experimentation to the detriment of the aesthetic result. Not here. This is a curated, carefully thought out, yet improvisational record. At once giving the impression of all out in-the-moment creation but also inhabiting an ornate architecture, full of echoing spaces, quiet gardens, whispering rooms and strictly placed colonnades, alternating in guitar riffs, sparse drum patterns, and muted viola motifs.

I recommend playing at the highest volume available.