Kelli’s Starlight Wishes Tour Dates!

Diamond Matter by Kelli's Starlight Wishes

July 12- Seattle Occultural Festival (Our Release show) at the Josephine with Swahili, Hair and Space Muesum and Honey.Moon. Die., Seattle, WA

July 13 – Redlight with The Ames, Bellingham, WA

July 14- Inspace Art Co-Operative, Seattle, WA

July 15- Mandy Mgee’s Music Moment Webshow

July 20- The Northern with Cohosh, Jabi Shriki, and Nancy Drew Pentagrams, Olympia, WA

July 21- The Business- in store at 5pm free , Anacortes, WA

I trace the ancient wood of a great door, noticing the bronze hinges that are as large as my head I realize I have entered a strange and wonderful dream, one that I do not want to wake up from. Down cavernous hallways and through beaded doors and cushioned by walls of intricate tapestries, I submerge deeper into an altogether subterranean and enveloping space. The sound around me is that of “Diamond Matter” from Seattle, Washington musician, Kelli Francis Corrado.

From the initial bursts of harps and strings on the first track “The Bell” to tightly arranged vocals laced and woven together with electric beats on “Honeycomb” make this a strangely concocted brew. It is music that is hard to describe without decrying words as completely inadequate to describe the space that this collection of songs inhabits. “Diamond Matter” is both primal and rarefied.

Corrado comes to Aphonia Recordings a fully formed force of her own. All the tracks are her own but her arrangements boast an impressive line up of very talented performers. Of course it doesn’t hurt that you have Scott Colburn on your record as a co-producer. Colburn has worked with Animal Collective, Nurses and Arcade Fire. With a similar tightness and sheen Corrado’s work here is supported and her compositions are in no way overwhelmed by the production but fully fledged.

Local music scavengers Ball of Wax have already been making noises about the immanent release of this record and you will know why from the first 10 seconds that leap into your ears. She has also been infiltrating earholes across the pond and as Jane Bradley of UK music blog The Girls Are says Corrado is “dark, atmospheric and enchanting.” Her live performances have been described as melancholy and nearly always her short bio includes her past as a wife of a member of the armed forces, clearly her music defines her now far beyond this association. Yes, here music at times mournful, but it also tastes sweet and complex.

Corrado is planning a string of short tours around the west coast this Summer for it is one thing to enter her world at home, it is quite another to walk into her home, her show and allow her to open the door for you. We couldn’t be more excited for her debut with Aphonia Recordings.