Aphonia Concert Series 2008 Part II Podcast Released!

As a lot of you may already know the Aphonia Recordings Concert Series 2008 is in full swing and already the turnout has been encouraging. We are setting up a series of shows throughout the year on the first Friday of every month at Gallery 1412 in Seattle. Come on down and enjoy a different grouping of sonic artists every month. Of course we will be offering CD’s for sale and we will most likely be recording these performances and podcasting them throughout the year so make sure to visit this page or subscribe to our podcast. We’d like to thank everyone for their stellar support in attending the shows and making donations, as well as the Seattle Weekly and The Stranger for continuing to list our shows.

As of this morning we are podcasting part ii in the concert series as three separate sets, one for each artist. Starting today, the Precambrian, a collaboration between the Aphonia Recordings founders, Andrew Senna and Ben L Robertson will be listed. The sets of Paintings for Animals and Problems will be listed here in the news section shortly.

You can listen to all three sets now if you subscribe to our podcast on iTunes music store. Just type “Aphonia” into the search and select “official aphonia recordings podcast.”

For now, however here is the Precambrian:

Aphonia Concert Series 2008 Part II Podcast Released!