2008 Performance Series: Pt II (Gallery 1412)

…this is going to be a good one! (remember: this series occurs on the 1st friday of each month)


Problems is an Olympia based group composed of Ian Ackerman, Joe Kuta, Warren Lee and Gabe Will. Through just intonation, the music of Problems exposes a rich
variety of microstructures and polyforms within a structure of sustained tones. Their instrumentation has included violin, viola, steel pedal guitar, and re-tuned farfisa. Recently Problems (along with fellow Aphonia Recordings artist, ‘Myello’) was commissioned by the Satsop Residency Program and Environmental Aesthetics Collective to compose and record within an abandoned nuclear power project on the Chehalis river.

Paintings for Animals is the vocal and electronic music of Pearson Wallace-Hoyt. In performance, Hoyt captures and manipulates sampled content and performances by a variety of collaborators. The resultant collage can be likened to tuning the radio dial on some phantom world.

The Precambrian is a live collaboration between Aphonia Recordings founders, Ben L. Robertson & Andrew Senna. In performance, The Precambrian explores the
digital transformation of minute sounds within the context of a series of absurd one-act narratives. Language & gesture become the object of discreet resonances, mictrotonal clusters, and algorithmicdeconstruction. By means of home-made piezoelectric transducers, microphones, & algorithms developed in Max/MSP, incidental sounds are captured & processed in realtime.