Mangled Bohemians Begin Second Leg of Summer Tour 2011

Mangled Bohemians

Mangled Bohemians(PDX) and My Empty Phantom will be embarking on their summer west coast tour this Saturday August 27th. Starting at the Josephine in Seattle with locals Forest Friends to kick off the tour.

08/27-The Josephine-Seattle,WA

08/28-The Comet Tavern-Seattle,WA

08/29-The Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum-Portland,OR


08/31-The Ella St. Social Club-Portland,OR

09/01-The Black Forest-Eugene,OR

09/02-Cafe Coda-Chico,CA

09/04-Gamma Space-Oakland,CA

09/05-The Trip-Santa Monica,CA


“Mangled Bohemians create the same sort of hazy, eerie experimental pop music as our Leading Lady of Fuzz, Liz Harris. But while Grouper’s music sits just left of the pop dial, Mangled Bohemians make guitar music that sounds like it’s coming from outer space. The band’s new LP, At the Edge of Earth, sounds foreign and slightly off-putting until you really listen to it closely and notice all the wobbly details, intersecting guitar lines, and hidden melodies that make it a perfect soundtrack to any late-night comedown. ”  Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Weekly

“Portlands Mangled Bohemians play a mellow brand of psychedelia that expertly balances languidness and eeriness—think Spacemen 3’s “Call the Doctor.” It can be viewed as a kind of fluid, shivery freak folk that provides an escape valve into another dimension where time and responsibilities aren’t crushing you into urgent activity; you can sense that Mangled Bohemians’ music offers a portal to the infinite.”  Dave Segal, The Stranger

“Mangled Bohemians like their sometimes tour mates Jackie O Mother f**ker have elements of experimental music and folk music that don’t really fit into either category.”  Ben Meyercord, Crappy Indie Music-The Blog