Slim Twig @ Pop Montreal Festival

Aphonia Recordings artist Slim tTig will be performing on October 4th & 5th at the POP Montreal festival.

Slim Twig is a Toronto based performer and songsculptor. Not yet 20, Slim has pursued his truly singular artistic vision since 2003. He has created more than two albums worth of material and performed in a score of clubs, including opening for such acts as Xiu-Xiu, the Dirty Projectors and the legendary Rheostatics. Slim has composed music for film, video and theatre and earned producer/ engineer Dale Morningstar’s informal “best recording of ’06” at the renowned Gas Station recording studio. Slim has numerous projects and events upcoming, including performances with his two-piece art punk band, Tropics, a collaboration with the Oscar nominated director, Hubert Sauper, and the release of Bruce MacDonald’s film, The Tracey Fragments, featuring a performance by Slim as ‘Billy Zero’. But it is as a songwriter that Slim will primarily be known. From 2005’s haunting cycle of apocalyptic folk, Livestock Burn, to the art pop experimentation of the Dissonant Folk sessions, and now in his concrete rockabilly phase, Slim Twig has demonstrated a remarkable sonic evolution. Inspired by pillars of the music & film avant garde like Scott Walker, Eno, Nick Cave, Thurston Moore, Godard, Lynch and Cronenberg, Slim’s restless, incisive intelligence is testament to a unique and utterly compelling musical imagination.