AphoniaRecordings.com Hits 4.5 GB Data Transfer in July

While this may not go as all that exciting of news, I think it is quite significant. People are visiting the Aphonia Recordings website in droves. I am still waiting for our sale figures to represent this burgeoning visitation. It does make me excited, however, to know that so many people have shown so much enthusiasm and interest. Thank you all for making our site stats look good! We have also crossed the 35,000 hits mark – a first for the site. This doesn’t suggest 35,000 unique visitors, we have had over 1,500 of those! What it does suggest is a widening interest and growing exposure to what I consider unappreciated and under utilized talent in the music world.

This is just the beginning as our press release is being prepared, our second showcase of aphonia artists has been confirmed and will be in mid-August (the 16th) at Le Voyeur in Olympia, Washington. We are also going for a third show sometime soon at Gallery 1412 here in Seattle.

Also, there will be two more installments of our already beloved podcast upcoming. The first one, that should be out later this week, is all about why we listen. I wont summarize or paraphrase what this is all about here, you will have to wait until it comes out. I will say though that it is a slight departure from where we thought the podcast would go initially. It should be a fascinating hour of discourse on sound, noise and where we go from here kind of nonsense.

The second upcoming podcast, coming at a later date this month, is Ben’s interview with Derek M. Johnson, one of our favorite people. I have no idea what Ben is planning for this romp through the frenzy of improvisational music but it should make for an entertaining bit of Aphonia fun!

So, again, browse through the store and buy stuff. Better yet, come to our shows, which are all free at the moment, and bring a beer, close your eyes and relish the beautiful human noise.