Aphonia Store Site is Live!!!

Aphonia Recordings is proud to announce that our online store is now functional and ready to dole out the experimental jams to the insatiable public.

Although we have privacy policies and terms and conditions of use of the site we haven’t connected them to the infrastructure of the site. Until that happens you can read these legal mumbo jumbo documents at the following links:

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Statement

Of course none of this is required reading and sure enough it is really only interesting if you care about what we actually do with info that we collect from you, our adoring fans.

And please, we would love to hear from you! Write reviews! Post bulletins on Myspace! Tell everyone you know who is into experimental and weirdo pop music.

There will be continual and minor changes to the look of the site and we apologize in advance if this causes delays and pages not loading.

Also, we swear we will have interviews with our artists coming soon. Look for interviews with KRGA and Slim Twig. In the meantime, buy our stuff, and keep your eyes peeled for the merch that will be coming to the store soon.

All the best,
Aphonia Recordings Web Team

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